More TSA theft – this story is getting old

Alexandra Schmid TSA thief
Because we’ve written so many times about TSA theft (meaning TSA agents stealing from passengers, not the TSA getting stolen from), we just yawn anymore when another story comes down the pike. Although this time somebody actually got convicted for her crime, unlike the thousands of other TSA clerks who get away with their thieving. 

From the New York Daily News:

TSA screener faces 14 years in prison for stealing $10,000 cash from passengers

Alexandra Schmid was working as a Transportation Security Administration officer when Dr. Imrana Ali and her family were boarding a flight to India on Dec. 9, 2011, officials said.

Schmid, 34, separated Ali’s family from their luggage for 15 minutes. When they got their belongings back, Schmid bizarrely insisted she never touched their stuff, according to prosecutors.

The family had to rush to make their flight. Once on board they discovered $6,000 in cash was missing from Ali’s husband’s jacket pocket, officials said.

A month later, Schmid ripped off another passenger headed to India, prosecutors said.

We wrote about these incidents when they happened. Just think — it only took three years for this clerk to be brought to justice. And the trial took four weeks. Your tax dollars at work.

Schmid is scheduled to be sentenced on March 13, 2015.