Another TSA sexual predator

Esteban Rodriguez TSA criminal
And the hits just keep on coming! 

From WESH in Orlando:

Daytona Beach TSA agent accused of sexually battering child for 3 years

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. —A TSA agent who works at Daytona Beach International Airport was arrested in Flagler County, accused of sexually battering a child over a number of years.

Esteban Rodriguez, 30, was booked into jail on Tuesday following a week-long investigation.

Investigators said the victim told them Rodriguez has been sexually assaulting her for three years and forced her to watch adult pornography with him.

Rodriguez, aware he was being scrutinized, allegedly told the victim to lie.

The victim said she’s very afraid of him.

But hey, while he was groping you and your children, everything was A-OK!

Thank you — once again — Ksiadz Robak, for telling it like it is. Americans don’t want to listen — ya know, you can lead a horse to water . . . .

(Photo: Floridians’ tax dollars)

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