No, the answer for too much government is not more government

The TSA needs to be disbanded, not have a touchy-feely wing added to it (metaphorically touchy-feely, as opposed to the airport workers who earn a living fingering your vagina).

But count on Big-Government-Loving Chuck — Chuck Schumer — to decide that the answer is hiring “passenger advocates” in every terminal. Yes, because government is so brilliant at running things. Look at any single aspect of the TSA and there will be major flaws. For example, the scanners. In medical facilities, scanners are checked daily. TSA? Their scanners — peering into everybody’s private uglies 24/7 — are checked MAYBE once a year. Maybe.

Via Consumerist, a CBS/Miami story:

“Flying became a degrading experience that should be avoided at all cost,” said Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY).

Schumer, along with state Senator Michael Gianaris made the announcement Sunday flanked by the sons of the elderly women.

“We are calling on the TSA to give a voice to those who feel they may have been inappropriately treated or subject to overly onerous screening,” said Senator Schumer.

His proposal would post a trained passenger advocate to field complaints and address them immediately at all airports. Zimmerman was pleased to hear about the proposal and hopes that it is adopted.

“Women should not be abused. They should be protected,” she said.

Um, we have a little thingie called the Fourth Amendment to do that. The problem is, it’s ignored and our rights are violated in airports — and pointlessly, since the TSA mainly scores some pot, a few knives, and sometimes steals passenger possessions and loot.