TSA Watch, Phase Two — still needs your help

TSA Watch, a new non-profit membership organization about which I wrote earlier this year, has raised $5,000 and is embarking on phase two: filing with the IRS as a 501(c)(3).

Here’s the latest word on our progress:

As of April 15th we have raised 15% of our initial goals. We have used that money to develop TSA Watch infrastructure.

As of April 15th, we have formed a Board of Directors, are incorporated, have published two videos and scripted others, and have developed some basic infrastructure on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.

We need to raise more money as soon as possible to file for our non-profit status with the IRS. The paperwork is ready, but it costs money to submit.

Once we have official non-profit status, we can receive tax deductible contributions, but more than that, we can gain support from other non-profits and foundations.

Our immediate goal for the rest of April is to raise at least $2,000, just a fraction of our $35,000 start-up goal. That will cover the non-profit filing fees and allow us to hire the help we need for the next infrastructure building steps. The sooner we raise the full amount, the sooner we can launch this organization on the scale needed.

In the meantime, each day that passes sees more stories of TSA Agents harassing, molesting, assaulting and otherwise abusing the traveling public.

Only by working together will we change this. Please Join us!

Thank you for your support.

Disclosure: I’m on the board (which is tiny; consists of three people). You can read more about what we’re trying to do here, and you can donate here.

As I wrote in a comment in February, if this were a Stephen Colbert spoof PAC, we’d raise millions in a few days. And hey, not knocking him; I love Colbert. I think he’s scary-brilliant. A joke PAC is all well and good. But the TSA is no joke.

Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? I hope so. Because if we don’t fight this agency on all fronts — legislative, educational, grassroots — we’ll never win.