Yet another report of TSA incompetence, Carraway re-assigned

In another repetitive story about the TSA’s failings, a “confidential” DHS report shows what many previous DHS and GAO reports have already shown, have been showing for years: the TSA misses prohibited items all the time. As a matter of course. From the Chicago Tribune:

ABC News first reported Monday that undercover agents were able to smuggle prohibited items, such as mock explosives or weapons, through TSA checkpoints in 67 out of 70 attempts. ABC cited anonymous officials who had been briefed on the inspector general’s report.

This story is nothing new. We’ve publicized the earlier DHS and GAO reports many times. This latest report is noteworthy merely for the percentage — 67 out of 70 — which is slightly higher than what the Red Teams have been finding all along.

More important than the farce of airport security, however, is another familiar story: knives, razor blades, inert grenades, knitting needles, hockey sticks, scissors, lighters, sunscreen, shampoo — none of these things are going to bring down a plane.

I don’t care that the TSA misses these things (after all, they’re busy confiscating all those scary cupcakes, jars of explosive peanut butter, tubes of Terrorist Toothpaste, canisters of bomby baby powderbeltswatchespursespaperweights, and perfume; forgive me — I know I’m leaving out lots of other scary stuff). They’ve been missing them for years. For over a decade. Yet miraculously, planes haven’t been blown out of the sky left and right. Duh!

And so acting chief Melvin Carraway, who temporarily replaced Molester-in-Chief John Pistole earlier this year, is now being “re-assigned.” Who cares? Another goon will take his place. And none of the TSA’s practices will change. The proven-to-be-worthless scanners will remain. Knives, knitting needles, scissors, etc. will still get through. People will still be bullied, harassed, robbed, and assaulted to get on a plane. If anything, the groping will increase.

Go over to that Chicago Tribune article and read the comments section. Most of it is the usual cesspool of inane “Red Team! Blue Team!” sniping, with a dollop of race-baiting thrown in for good measure. A few people get it — that the National Security State in general and the TSA in particular are meant as forms of social control. But most people, as usual, are either mired in their own muddy political ideologies or afraid of The Big Bad Terrorists Hiding Around Every Corner .