TSA not okay by Bonnie Rain

I received this email the other day from a woman named Bonnie Rain. It’s a letter she sent to the White House. She gave me permission to post it at TSA News:

Dear President Obama,

I just went on a trip with my boyfriend and had to go through the humiliating experience of passing through the TSA checkpoints.

Are you aware of the drill?

– We had to stand in a line that made us feel like we were cattle.

– Then we were told to take our shoes off, empty our pockets, take off our belts and jackets, put our valuables in bins, and walk up to an X-ray machine.

– We were told to lift up our arms, making us feel like criminals in a line-up.

I was thenmolested. The TSA agent manipulated and touched my breasts in public as a result of spots showing up on the screen.

I wore no underwire. I wore cotton shirts. I had no breast pockets. And coming back from our trip — wearing nearly the same kind of outfit — there was nothing on the screen.

If your wife, FLOTUS/Michelle, were to have her breasts touched/fondled/manipulated by a “TSA” agent, how would it make you feel?

My boyfriend could only stand by and watch what was happening to me.

Isn’t it true that if we complain we could be branded for life as troublemakers in this cockamamie system? What does that tell you?

Do you remember what we’re supposed to be teaching our children? We teach them not to let anyone touch them. We teach them that unwanted or improper touching is wrong. But as adults — as tax-paying, law-abiding adults — we’re supposed to put up with being touched/handled/fondled against our will? We’re supposed to lose our voice as adults? Have we really now lost the ability to say “I do not want strangers touching me”?

TSA agents are not doctors. These people may be nothing more than security guards with some sort of certification. It is not okay that the government has deemed them worthy of touching other adults (manipulating their breasts) in order to travel.

I am not okay with strangers touching me in public. In addition to the fact that this system has sucked the fun out of travel, it has, more importantly, made it so that citizens are treated like cattle with no way to resist the threat of being touched or harassed.

Of course we all want to enjoy safe travel. But I want you to put yourself in the shoes of a person who would like to travel without harassment or embarrassment. Then, I’d like you to step into the path of the current TSA process and practices.

The randomness of the rules and system, accompanied by unwanted physical contact (which I believe is the definition ‘battery’ and worse) is not okay!

I told Bonnie that, contrary to popular belief, which the TSA encourages, she will not be “branded for life as a troublemaker.” She should resist. There are many ways to do so.

As for Obama and his cabinet, they don’t give a shit. Bonnie Rain’s missive, after they respond to it with some half-assed form letter, will go into the circular file.