Neffenger to head TSA, nothing will change

The Senate has confirmed a longtime Coast Guard officer, Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger, to serve as the director of the so-called Transportation Security Administration. The change has no meaning or significance of any kind, and will do nothing to anything anywhere, at all, ever. The TSA status quo will continue to status quo itself, status quoistically.

If you doubt that in any way, take a few minutes to watch the opening statement Neffenger recited at his pathetic confirmation hearing. Among the highlights:

“Workforce training, retention and accountability are a second challenge facing TSA. If confirmed, I will pay close attention to the development of the TSA workforce. I will examine how to use the TSA academy established by John Pistole to further improve performance and to instill an ever greater sense of pride in the agency and the critically important mission. I will continue to focus on customer service.”


“I will commit myself to ensuring that TSA employs multilayered intelligence operations. That TSA recruits and retains a highly skilled workforce while placing a premium on professional values.”

He’s going to further improve performance at the agency where security officers fail 67 security tests out of 70.

He’s going to instill a greater sense of pride and professionalism in the government organization that deliberately triggered false alarms so an “officer” could provide unwanted crotch massage to hot guys, and where the press office amuses itself by taking photographs showing the private, lawful contents of passenger luggage and posting them to social media.

He’s going to focus on retaining a highly skilled workforce at the agency that remains a GED-optional employer of last resort.

And, of course, he’s going to maintain the TSA‘s laser focus on customer service.

Peter Neffenger appears to be out of his fricking mind, and the TSA is going to absorb him like an ocean eating a drop of water. They’ll wheel out his dessicated husk from time to time to read prepared comments, then wheel him back into his carrying case and snap the latch firmly shut. Our warmest thanks to the United States Senate for the thoughtfulness and care that went into the evaluation of this important nominee.

  • Daisiemae

    Wow! Look how this freak show McLean is baiting anyone and everyone trying to provoke a fight. All of a sudden a year later, he is bringing down a firestorm of comments on this little blog. Obsessive, much? Megalomania anyone?

    My suggestion? Don’t engage him. Just don’t give in to temptation no matter how provocative he is. Give him the rope, and let him hang himself. The more he writes, the crazier he sounds.

    And just remember…this is the caliber of person who is carrying a firearm on our planes. This is the caliber of person with total power over innocent travelers crossing the border.

    Sobering. And very frightening.

    • Susan Richart

      He’s unhinged.

      • @@susanrichart:disqus @@Daisiemae:disqus When on the losing side of an argument, just accuse the other side of being crazy — the heck with trying to find solutions.

        • Susan Richart

          Liked your own comment, huh?

          • I have not accused you of being insane, just your expectation of TSOs carrying you on a throne through the checkpoints is quite silly.

            You can all carry on amongst yourselves not offering any solutions as I have attempted. Now I just get accused of being an immigrant and wife beater. So nice…

  • @disqus_d7HhNWNvUZ:disqus And I am still at it:

  • I have been married to one woman only — the same wonderful woman now for 18 years — and have three healthy and happy children. The local police or courts have not yet discovered your allegations of all of the people I have “abused and knocked around” :/

  • …and the U.S. Supreme Court, Office of Special Counsel, and Merit Systems Protection Board exonerated me of my disclosure of retroactive UN-classified SSI to prevent an attack worse than 9/11… Next?

  • You need to look up the definition of “metaphor, and you have been watching “Executive Decision” too many times — a Lockheed F-117 cannot fly under a B747 and insert a rescue team… :/

  • @@susanrichart:disqus If you believe I have a “psychological problem,” I suggest that you report me to the TSA Office of Inspection and/or the DHS Office of Inspector General for appropriate evaluation.

  • @[email protected]_Simeone:disqus I fail to see your point, I just want some honest debate and not another 9/11, shoe-bomber, UPS-bomber, or underwear-bomber…

  • @@RonBonner:disqus If I was in charge, I would not allow ANY FIREARMS in the main cabin. Law enforcement officers would have their firearms secured in the flight deck. I would prefer non-lethal tools such as tasers and restraining devices. Installed Physical Secondary Barriers (IPSB) should be mandated in all forward galleys to prevent a suicidal attacker from sprinting and diving into a flight deck with a pilot leaves it to use the lavatory, get food/drink, or crew-rests. IPSBs are relatively cheap yet 100% EFFECTIVE.

  • @@Lisa_Simeone:disqus Yes, that is what happened on September 11, 2001, four jets turned into “weapon of mass destruction” because of passive passengers and flight crews.

  • @@Daisiemae:disqus I am sorry that you perceive me thinking like a terrorist is being mentally deranged.

  • @@Daisiemae:disqus I never stated “free to pummel anybody who puts their seat back or takes up too much carryon space.” If a passenger is ASSAULTIVE or a threat to the safety of the aircraft, an able-bodied passenger should be indemnified from restraining that person before someone gets seriously hurt or killed. Too many passengers are passive thinking air marshals will respond to a DANGEROUS passenger. There are many local police officers and military passengers — vetted through PreCheck — who can restrain a threatening passenger with reasonable force.

  • @[email protected]_d7HhNWNvUZ:disqus Using more funding for PreCheck and less in hiring more warm bodies will speed up lines. More TSOs will get hired, trained, burn-out, and quit. PreCheck frees up TSOs from checkpoints do more productive tasks such as insider-threat, cargo-check, and pay attention to the megatons of inventory that goes into the boarding wait areas, i.e., coffee shops, restaurants (food, drink, cooking oil, packaging, cleaning products), media stores (tall bundles of newspapers and magazines), etc. The Postal Service and banks use automation technology to avoid employee burn-out — TSA can do the same by speeding up the lines focusing on the LEAST threatening passengers.

  • @[email protected]:disqus “I doubt that MacLean receives a warm welcome anywhere, especially at TSA after he prevailed in court.”

    Yes, you are correct: