UK “security” just as clueless as US

A recent protest at Heathrow where people who objected to the expansion of the airport blocked a runway caused the cancellation of 13 flights. It took the authorities 7 hours to get the protesters off. How did they get on in the first place? By cutting through a fence and then chaining themselves to said fence. Easy as pie. Just as is it is in the US.

In a stunt which raised questions about the security of Europe’s busiest airport, a group of at least 12 activists said it took only minutes to get through the apparently unguarded wire fence at around 02:30 local time allowing them access to the northern runway.

The protest was eventually ended by police more than seven hours later, the airport said.

Stowaways in the US have also proven, time and time again, how easy it is to circumvent “security.” Meanwhile, the TSA — and its UK equivalent — are busy sticking their hands down your pants. Feel safer now?