BDOs in Motion, TSA back-slapping on display

The Intercept has another article about the lunacies of the TSA. Jana Winter is the reporter covering the TSA over there, and she has an inside track to agency employees who feed her bits of information, including this latest: glossy, bi-monthly newsletters that highlight the yuckety-yuk jokes, clever quips, heartwarming tales, and literary pretensions of the blue-shirted crusaders. And not just any blue-shirted crusaders, mind you, but the hallowed voodoo readers, otherwise known as “Behavior Detection Officers.”

The name of the the newsletter is “BDOs in Motion.”

As you would expect, the pages are full of conformist corporate-speak about “team-building” and “reliability” and “individualized skill-sets” (nobody has skills anymore; they all have “skill-sets”). But also more charming entries such as “Surviving the Snow in Bangor, Maine.”

Hey, baby, your tax dollars at work.

There’s too much idiocy to excerpt; you can take a look for yourself. Oh, and notice how all the names and faces have been redacted. As someone in the comments has pointed out, why? If the TSA is so proud of its workforce and its (zillion-times-discredited) BDO program, why shield these people?

Speaking of comments, go on over to the Intercept and scroll through. There’s the usual complement of TSA apologists — Anything For Safety! — such as “General Hercules” and “Chico” (oy, what a pill). But, praise be, there are also a lot of readers excoriating the TSA and cataloguing its abuses. You might want to chime in.