John Brennan Legal Defense Fund to fight TSA

TSA resister and hero John Brennan needs your help.

We’ve written about Brennan many times. He’s the man who, in April of 2012, finally got so fed up with being poked, prodded, and pawed by the TSA every time he traveled, that he stripped naked at a checkpoint in Portland, Oregon to prove he was carrying no weapons. Whereupon the TSA promptly called the cops, who arrested him. (We’ve also written many times about the fact that the police, instead of doing their duty, automatically side with the TSA no matter what the circumstances.)

The whole incident proved — yet effing again — that the TSA’s little song-and-dance routine isn’t about security. It’s about compelling obedience. Because if they supposedly wanted to know whether Brennan was carried contraband, they found out: he wasn’t.

But that wasn’t good enough for them. They wanted to teach him — and the rest of us — a lesson: Comply, and go on your way; resist — and worse, show us for the fools we are — and face our wrath.

Brennan was charged with indecent exposure and went to trial. He was found Not Guilty.

But the TSA continued to hound him. He was ordered to pay $500. And he was fired from his job, because his clueless employer, instead of backing him up, simply hired another slave to do its bidding.

Brennan joins a long list of TSA resisters, including Yukari Miyamae, Andrea Abbott, Frank Hannibal, Nadine Pellegrino (who was at the 2015 Airport Security Symposium), Nadine Kay Hays (likewise), Jonathan Corbett (likewise), Aaron Tobey, Geoffrey McGann, Stacey Armato, Maggie Yates Buckenmayer, Pete Alexion, Sai (also at the Symposium), and so many others. You can search their names here at TSA News and find tons of info about them.

Brennan is now in financial straits. And he’s still fighting this battle — not only for himself, but for all of us. He’s appealing to a higher court. If you can help John Brennan with his legal fees, please do so at his website, Naked American Hero.