TSA blows it again, terrorizes passengers in Miami

On Monday, November 9, 2015 — in other words, well before the attacks in Paris — the TSA, combined with the paramilitary forces of its parent agency DHS (Department of Homeland Security) did again what it does best: overreact, in an almost certifiably insane way, to a security “breach” at an airport, and then terrorize scores of ordinary passengers just trying to go about their business:

Paramilitary police in Miami force passengers to leave plane at gunpoint

On Monday evening, an American Airlines flight from Miami, Florida to Barbados was boarded by a paramilitary police unit wielding assault rifles, who demanded that passengers put their hands on their heads as they were forced off the flight.

Large sectors of the airport were effectively placed under lockdown during the operation. The gates of terminal cafes and restaurants were closed, leaving patrons locked inside by iron bars as police SWAT teams decked out in body armor and toting assault rifles swept through the terminal.

Photos and videos posted to social media documented the egregious violation of passengers’ constitutional right to be free of unwarranted searches and seizures. “There were very large machine guns, body armor, all of that,” one passenger told a local CNN affiliate. “Very, very frightening.”

Some 70 flights were delayed and nine were diverted as a result of the lockdown, which shut down two concourses for almost three hours.

And what was the cause of all this mishigas?

Dental tools.

That’s right, dental tools.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation later admitted that the passenger was a dentist, and that the “suspicious” bag he had been carrying contained nothing more than fillings and other dental supplies.

TSA spokesman Mike England said that the lockdown was conducted “out of an abundance of caution” as federal officials “worked with airport operators to direct gate operations to cease while the passenger was located.”

Oh, evil tooth implements! Fie, fie on you, I say!

Bad dentist!

Oh, well. Get used to it, people. This is the new normal. And after the attacks in Paris, it will only get worse.

Taking out my old-fashioned phonograph once more, people have shown, again and again and again, that they’re willing to put up with anything — and I do mean anything — for the illusion of “security.”

We’ve crossed the Rubicon. There’s no going back. There’s only spiraling downward.

Photo: Cheri F. McGuire/Twitter

  • Susan Richart

    “When will the World Court hold them accountable?”

    About the same time that Cheney, et als, are brought before the same court.

    • Daisiemae

      I totally agree that Reps and Dems are equally reprehensible warmongers. But Cheney wasn’t given a Nobel Peace Prize. That’s the part that galls me. The Nobel Peace Prize going to a murderer….yeesh!

      • Susan Richart

        “Even many of Obama’s supporters thought that the prize was a mistake,” Mr. Lundestad
        said. In the book, he expressed regret that the decision had been based
        in a hope for the future rather than recognition of past
        accomplishments, and that their expectations for Mr. Obama were not


        • Daisiemae

          Yeah, I was wondering about that. They gave him the prize about 3 hours after he was elected. He didn’t have time to do anything to earn it. So I guess they gave it based on what they thought he might do.

          Well, look how that turned out for them. I guess next time they’ll wait to see if the potential recipient actually does anything to further peace instead of murdering people and fomenting war.

          As despicable as Cheney is, I find Obama more contemptible. Cheney never pretended to be anything other than what he is. Obama excoriated the Republicans for their war policies and pretended to be a peace maker. Cheney is obviously a wolf. Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

          I despise hypocrites.

  • Dolt

    Sadly, nearly those exact headlines already appear regularly.

  • Dolt

    Who are the terrorists in this story?

  • Dolt

    The part that does not get through your thick skull is that everyone was inconvenienced, not for safety at all, since there was NO DANGER! Rather, they were inconvenienced so that government agents could waste money, terrorize families, and perpetuate the cycle of ever lasting fear….. the same fear that allows you to give up your liberties and the liberties of those around you to “keep you safe”. If someone had only helped keep these government storm troopers away from the plane, all of these people would be 1,000 times better off today.

    • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

      And for the .000001% chance that these people may have had a bomb or weapon, those people inconvenienced are 100% safe and alive. A chance I’m willing to take when it comes to MY family. Sorry you don’t care about yours as much.

      • Good lord, how do you get up in the morning?

        Over 30,000 traffic fatalities in this country every year. How many 9/11s is that? Do you still drive?

        Thought so.

        • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

          My anti-fear of the TSA doesn’t prevent me from flying. I don’t mind when they pull me aside to make sure I’m not carrying weapons. That’s their job.

          When Muslims start driving 18-wheelers into schools or occupied buildings, I’ll worry about driving…and your troupe will bitch about police officers pulling over speeders.

          Just Vote Trump. You’ll be ok.

      • Dolt

        Those people are not just inconvenienced. They are traumatized, terrorized and potentially monetarily damaged. All because people like you are too stupid to comprehend a simple understanding of risks vs liberty. Then again, this is exactly what the terrorists knew would happen and designed their plan with dummies like you helping them achieve their goal.

      • Susan Richart

        Do you allow your family to ride in or drive a car? Do you allow them to take baths/showers?

        If you do, then you are subjecting your family to far greater risks than they will ever encounter from a terrorist on an airplane or any place else for that matter.

        • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

          Radical Muslims aren’t hijacking 18-wheeler gasoline tankers to drive into buildings (yet). When they do, I’ll start worrying about the highways (and welcome random pullover checks by the State Police or MTA). Once Oduma lets those 100,000 terrorists free reign of the country, I’m sure it will start happening.

          When terrorists infiltrate water treatment plants and start poisoning our water system with deadly intentions, then I’ll worry about taking showers.

          But there were some very bad people who rammed planes into buildings a few years ago. Very lax security requirements allowed that to happen. Stricter TSA enforcement helps prevent that from ever happening again.

          I’m sorry you want America to be attacked.

          So, again, I post the question that nobody seems to want to answer here: If you’re so ANTI-TSA, why fly?

          • “When terrorists infiltrate water treatment plants and start poisoning our water system with deadly intentions, then I’ll worry about taking showers.”

            Nah, just post the TSA at those treatment plants. That’ll take care of it!

          • Susan Richart

            Oh, my. You are dense, aren’t you? Proof beyond reasonable doubt that Trump supporters are lacking in education, reasoning, logic and perhaps even functioning brains.

            BTW, I don’t fly and many of us here don’t fly because of the TSA.

          • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

            And you’re proof is that Democrats are liberal motards ruining this country by complaining about everything.

            I’m glad you don’t fly…more space for me to stretch out.

          • What do Democrats or Republicans have to do with anything? The TSA is a bipartisan monstrosity.

          • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

            As Susan Bitchart…she seems to know everything. Yet as soon as someone confronts her with a valid argument or disagrees with her thought process, she insults their intelligence and education. Sounds like she’s the real bully…not the TSA.

        • Susan, he doesn’t get it — see his hilarious comment about taking showers. He doesn’t understand the fact that more people in this country die in their bathtubs than are killed by terrorists. Nor the fact that over 30,000 people are killed in traffic accidents here every year, which I told him the other day, yet he still doesn’t get it.

          • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

            I get what you’re saying but I feel that you’re comparing apples to oranges. I’m not trying to pick a fight with anyone….enlighten me as to what I’m “missing”.

            Terrorists aren’t hiding in bathrooms waiting for people to go into their bathtubs. Do people die in their bathtubs? Yes. Could the deaths have been prevented? Many could if the people took preventative measures.

            People die on cruises from natural causes (i.e. heart attacks) every day. Would they have died without TSA present at the ports? Yes. Why even have security check points at ports? A cruise ship wouldn’t be that big of a weapon as compared to a 600 mph missile that could be (and has been) hijacked and rammed into a building, killing hundreds of people. TSA’s presence is a preventative measure, to a smaller degree.

            Thousands die from car accidents. Were the accidents caused by terrorists? No. Could many have been prevented? Yes, most of the high speed accidents could have had the drivers maintained a safe driving speed. That’s what traffic police are for. Do some of these police abuse their power? Yes. You will have power hungry people in ANY occupation, whether it be police, corporate managers, teachers, summer camp counselors, etc.

            People die everyday from liver failure and lung disease…should I cut out my liver or lungs? No. Should I take precautions to make sure my liver/lungs don’t kill me? Yes, I can try.

            The TSA is a preventative measure from keeping very bad things from happening. People being inconvenienced/”traumatized”/sterilized is a by product of that. Has it gotten worse over the years? Yes, but so have the measures people have gone to to hurt others. Unfortunately in the selfish United States of Politically Correct, people now feel their rights include NOT being offended.

            I served in Afghanistan. I’ve seen the extremes that these terrorists go to in order to hurt/kill someone FOR THE SIMPLE REASON WE WERE BORN IN AMERICA.

            NEWSFLASH: It’s only going to get worse here in America. ISIS is here already, they just haven’t reared their ugly heads. If you think TSA is bad now, wait until the attacks start.

            The last five times I’ve flown, I’ve been “victimized by TSA” three of them. I don’t mind because it’s for EVERYONE’S safety. Going to the airport, I know there’s a chance, so I arrive early and hope I get a hot chick searching me.

          • Chris Prestridge

            But they do live in houses, terrorist that is. I suspect your tune would change if people walking by your house called th Police at 6 PM, simply b/c you were watching the news, and your front door was busted open by an armed SWAT team at 3 AM b/c of your suspicious TV watching. Same thing, different venue, both used by terrorist.

          • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

            If I was watching something illegal, like kiddie purn, or Hillary Clinton, and someone could see what I was doing, then by all means, feel free to swarm my house.