TSA clerk sentenced for stealing

In a rare case of justice being meted out, one of the TSA’s many thieves has been sentenced to jail. ¬†

An Associated Press story identifies him as 55-year-old¬†Douglas DeWeese of Damascus, Maryland (a town between Baltimore and D.C.). DeWeese worked at Dulles International Airport, where he used to “inspect” checked luggage. You know what that means — the blue shirts get to paw through your luggage without your being present. Gee, no opportunity for theft there!

DeWeese pleaded guilty to theft of property in interstate commerce. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison.

Just think of all the TSA clerks who steal and don’t get caught. We only find out about the ones who do.

  • Dolt

    I did not mean to imply that he should not be in a minimum-security prison. Of course he should be in the appropriate facility that fits the crime he was convicted of. My only point with the potential of an additional hardship of location was a reaction to what I thought to be a light (short-term) sentence for his crime with multiple victims, whereas people convicted of first-time victimless crimes are regularly sentenced to 3-5 times the length he did.

    However, after thinking about my previous comment, I agree with Lisa. Just because it is wrong that others receive cruel and unusual sentences that don’t seem to fit the actual crime, it would be wrong to wish extra burden on someone who receives what is likely the proper punishment. It probably is a disservice to those who fight against the horrible, unjust and arbitrary punishments doled out to others seemingly at random and usually at the hands of the same fear-of-boogymen the TSA was created from to begin with.

    • RB

      The courts and juries determine sentences within guidelines that are established. The penal institutions just carry out the sentence and based on personal observations the life of some prisoners ins’t all that harsh but my observations haven’t been made at high security federal facilities.

      An argument can be made if certain crimes should be punished as they have been but this is probably not the place for that discussion.

  • RB

    Not in BOP custody yet. Dissappointing.