Update on Sai’s TSA lawsuits

Our friend Sai sent me an update on his case this morning. If you’re not already familiar with his story, read this post to get caught up. Here’s Sai’s update in his own words:

The BDOs selected me because I was mute and wearing a satirical shirt; they screened me for 40 minutes looking almost exclusively at my prescription labels, notes, checkbook, books, etc; they ripped paper out of my hands (literally depriving me of speech) in admitted retaliation for my protesting the illegality of their search and refusing to answer questions.

(The admission can be found both in the BDOs’ notes and TSA’s formal response to my complaint & appeal.)

I’m probably never going to manage to get around to making an actual edited video, so I’ve put up what I have. That includes the video, BDOs’ notes, my notes, complaint, post-litigation response, appeal, & appeal response. At some point I’ll try to condense it there as well, but I don’t really have the energy to do so now and likely won’t for a while. :-/ Hopefully the complaint & appeal are pretty straightforward.

You can read in more detail about Sai’s lawsuit at his comprehensive site, also here, also here; and you can see his videos here.

  • Nicko Mendez

    Nicko saw this meanie airborne terrorist the other day. Nicko scored 100% in fortune telling because of SPOT! But good for Nicko that my lucky belt kept me safe!

  • Sai

    See the ‘evidence’ section of https://s.ai/tsa/legal/bos — most of the stuff there I just put up. (This is separate from the AIT litigation, though it’ll be involved in the §46110 litigation because that’s a challenge to *all* of TSA’s secret-regulation “orders”. The BOS suit is about the BDO/SPOT program and search of papers. The SFO suit is about the liquids policy.)

    • TestJeff Pierce

      Of course Jon Corbett’s suit against Ft. Lauderdale Airport and the Sherrif’s department was thrown out…same complaint about illegal search. And, as you probably know, the TSA told the Sheriff’s department to lie about video of the incident.

      All on Jon’s blog….professional-troublemaker.

      The reason’s they threw out many of his complaints may have some bearing in your filings….


      • Sai

        I’ve read most of the filings in his cases, and we’re coordinating on anti-AIT litigation. I already have a lawsuit against all § 46110 orders in the 1st Circuit, so I should not be vulnerable to an “improper venue” argument. And my suit about BOS is in D MA. What exactly is handled by one court or the other will probably need hashing out, but I’m in both, so it’s mainly a procedural question, not one that would kick me out of court.

        Not the same complaint, though. AFAIK nobody’s had something quite this level happen to them. And as for the lies: I have authenticated video, from TSA, that directly contradicts their written testimony. That should be pretty hard for them to rebut. Perjury is not treated very kindly.

        • “Perjury is not treated very kindly.”

          I don’t know. Didn’t seem to hurt Charles Kieser:

          Man abused by TSA, jailed by cops; TSA agent lies under oath
          By Lisa Simeone | February 4, 2015


          • Sai

            … when it’s committed by a defendant.

            Sadly, the cops (etc) get away with it all the time when they’re on the prosecution side. I don’t think Kieser actually tried to directly impeach the witness. I would.

          • Daisiemae

            God! This is all unbelievable. Is this the United States or Cold War Communist Russia?

          • RB

            I’m not sure that the United States that I was taught about in school exists any longer.

            We have government exceeding its authority right up to the White House, a significant portion of the population who is willing to discard democracy and replace it with socialism, and a general degradation of our social mores that people no longer seem to believe that they are responsible for their own actions or well being.

            If you have the funds it is time to get out of Dodge.

          • With all due respect, it didn’t exist even when you were in school. And it’s still being taught the same way, despite the fact that it doesn’t exist.

            I’ve been wanting to get out of Dodge for years, but I have to wait till hubby retires. And it’s not because I’m afraid of Big Scary Socialism. Au contraire. I hope to flee to a country that practices democratic socialism.

          • RB

            In your democratic socialist world how much of the income that I earn through hard work should I have to surrender to government?

            ““The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher

          • You’re surrendering it now. It’s going to bomb the shit out of people in the Middle East. I’d rather it go to help my fellow humans, not kill them.

          • RB

            How much can I keep?

            There are some people in the middle east that need to have the shit bombed out of them. The sooner its done the better.

          • nick mendez

            Niko blames nato member countries for the spector my bosses talk about

          • spike spiegel

            canada would be your best bet lisa

          • Too cold.

          • Joey Bach

            You need to work on your climate analysis Lisa… eek.. I better not let the cat out of the bag. Just a balmy 48 (Fahrenheit) — yes I do remember using that every once in awhile — up here in the great “white” north. Just think of the TV show Frazier and go north.

          • Love “Frasier.” Hilarious and witty. Years later I got to know one of the writers of the show.

            (And 48 isn’t my idea of balmy!)

          • Daisiemae

            Only one problem–once you leave Dodge, where do you go?

          • Monty Python

            Anyone who wants to erode the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution is a person I only tolerate. Rights cannot be legislated nor legislated away. That includes the second amendment. One persons desire for no guns and the perceived security from it does not trump someones right to own one. Same argument goes for the other nine. Just change a few words in the argument. One cannot be for the constitution but pick and choose what they like and do not like about it. If something in it needs to be changed, the document references the legal framework to do so. It is a terrible state of affairs when legislatures pass legislation that they consciously know does not or may not be constitutional. Or when the executive utilizes “executive orders” to end run/re-write legislation and/or reinterpret legislation (which only the courts can do). They do this only to fight it out in the courts which is a slap in the face to the people. For example, the Presidents immigration orders. I actually agree with some of the things the President wanted to do. What I am against is the manner of which he did it. I do not care if the Legislature is obstructing the executive. The President has no authority to ram home agenda via edicts/executive orders. God damn wall of text 🙁

          • RB

            I agree with your statements almost to a T. The only point I think we would bump heads is in some of the things the President has stated he wants to do.

            I 100% agree that if a group of people want to change the 2nd Amendment, or any other for that matter, all they need do is draft a new Constitutional Amendment and get it passed. The process is clearly spelled out.

            I notice that Lisa hasn’t answered how much of the money I earn can be retained by me. Socialism serves only to enslave the populace to the people in control of government. Why work if most of your earnings are surrendered to others? I reject socialism as a viable form of government and will do all I can to make sure that never happens in this country.

            I also believe that people who receive government benefits, federal, state, or local, should have to do something to earn that benefit. Sitting in a rent subsidized apartment with an Obama phone and other benefits should have a cost. If a person is physically able to do any type of work then no benefits without that work. Plenty of trash to pick up, lots to mow, potholes to be repaired and the list goes on and on.

            And Daisiemae, if the socialist take control of this country then the only choice is to go elsewhere. I don’t know exactly where that some other place is but with socialist controlling government the United States will no longer exist as the framers created the country.

          • Joey Bach


            Now I am going to be silly…. Does the Obama phone come with the Obamacare plan A or plan B?

            Definition of socialism. : a social system or theory in which the government owns and controls the means of production (as factories) and distribution of goods.

            Democratic socialism is a political ideology advocating a democratic political system alongside a socialist economic system, involving a combination of political democracy with social ownership of the means of production.

            Now for the great bubble pop — this is the only way to reign in global warming.

            You did mention something that can push us to this system — the importance of working while receiving benefits.

            This needs to be rephrased as follows: Everyone needs to do something to make society better.

            The only way to move forward to change the current economic system is to make changes in the concept of work compensation (salary, benefits and most importantly pension) and work hour balance (4 days work, 1/2/4/8 hours of “volunteering” or 4 1/2 days of work with 2 workouts per work day and 2 – 1/2/4/8 hours of volunteering).

            With the change in working, then it will be possible to change economic systems.

          • RB

            There is no global warming so nothing needs to be reigned in.
            Stop giving government handouts to those unwilling to work and they will eventually die off and no longer be a problem.

          • I would modify that definition of socialism: a social system or theory in which the workers own the means of production.

          • Daisiemae

            Well, since both my husband and myself are old and disabled, I don’t know how it will be possible for us to go “elsewhere”…especially since nobody knows where “elsewhere” is.

            If anybody has a clear understanding of where “elsewhere” is and how to get there, please let me know.

            The thing is, with all the globalization, I don’t think it will make much difference even if I do go “elsewhere.” Everything “elsewhere” is going to hell in a hand basket just like it is here.

            So…might as well stay put. Maybe I’ll die before it gets much worse.

          • Joey Bach

            Mr. Python,

            The major flaw with the Bill of Rights is how to address the 3rd party right — not government but other citizen(s).

            The courts have ruled on the aspect of the DUI check stops. This is the major failure of all Congresses with every technological advance in firearms. The 2nd amendment started with muskets. The only way for a musket to be effective is to have several firing at the same time — this is why the militia was specifically included…. a state’s right in a group of individual rights (the constitution is primary what is federal right and states rights).

            The issue with the 2nd amendment is a lack of definition of firearm or firearms for home use — as opposed to militia use.

            To have one person carry the firepower of a 20 or more musket carrying men is for me where the text of the 2nd amendment needs to be questioned.. This is unacceptable and needs to be fixed.

            As for executive orders, I believe the courts should not only rebuke the President but also the idiots in the Congress. I like the system if the order can be challenged — this means all executive orders must be public — they can not be labelled top secret.

          • RB

            If you think the 2nd needs to be changed then start the process to change it by the mean provided in the Constitution.

          • Joey Bach

            Executive order that only muskets can be produced and sold. Any other object is in violation of the 2nd amendment and you can not have it. So there. Simple. Effective. To the point.
            Why bother with an ugly Constitutional convention.

          • Joey Bach

            I just made a Socialist decree. I will stop there and sleep. My work is done.

          • Monty

            Was there some sort of sarcasm or snottiness here that I am missing?

          • Monty

            One persons dislike/fear of guns. Just like one persons fear of terrorists does not trump a person’s right to own a firearm. Please answer me this question sir. Do you support any sort of legislation that would limit a citizens personal choice of firearm to anything less powerful than which is used by the State? Do you support any sort of legislation that would or even does call for firearm confiscation? I would like to pose this same question to Lisa. It seems rather hypocritical to say one supports the bill of rights (in this case vigorously defend the fourth amendment) while at the same time using anti-fourth amendment style rhetoric to try to dismantle the second, I also find it interesting that you only reply when the second amendment is brought up when talking about other parts of the Bill of Rights. Also, I find it dangerous that you support the President utilizing executive fiat to unilaterally mandate “that only muskets can be produced and sold. Any other object is in violation of the 2nd amendment and you can not have it”. Rights can not be legislated, nor legislated away. They can not be given or removed by decree either. Again, your desire to limit or erode the second amendment does not trump the natural right spelled out in the amendment.

          • spike spiegel

            hard to tell with all the constant abuses going on wether its getting molested are having your shit get stolen by the chomos in blue or getting your life ruined or taken by corrupt police

          • Dolt

            It’s worse. This is 1933 Germany at the end of the Weimar Republic.

          • Kieser was the false witness. He was the liar. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying.

          • Sai

            Sorry, I misspoke in naming Kieser. I should have named the actual guy accused. The rest still stands.