TSA finally issues “rule” on body scanners, ignores public

On the righthand side of this blog, you’ll see this paragraph:

*2015 *and now 2016* UPDATE: Still no word from TSA on public comments*The public comment period on the TSA’s electronic strip-search scanners and “pat-downs” closed on June 25, 2013. That public comment period had been ordered by the courts, an order the TSA ignored for almost two years before it finally complied. The agency must issue a report on the many thousands (or more?) of comments it received. Yet here it is 2015 *and now 2016* and still no report. If the TSA ever complies with the requirement to issue that report, we’ll let you know.

Well, as of March 2, 2016, the TSA finally — five years late — came out with its final “proposed rule.” Said rule is nothing more than 157 pages of bureaucratic bullshit and obfuscating language that boils down to one thing: The TSA will continue using the strip-search scanners, as they already have been doing anyway since 2009, whether you like it or not. 

More succinctly: screw you.

If you want to plow through all the verbiage, have at it. Or you could read summaries at EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center), at CEI (Competitive Enterprise Institute), or at crusader Jon Corbett’s blog.

The gist is the same: the TSA will continue to do what it wants, where it wants, how it wants, no matter how many pesky rights and Constitutional amendments get in the way. Oh, and it will continue to grope you.

  • Sai

    They also claim that the rule’s “may include” language meant “might be required”, not “can be optionally used”.

    For my own case against this, I’ve asked for a do-over, since the release of the final rule changes most of the arguments, and I want them to file the record first. We’ll see.

    • By the way, it’s telling that travel blogs don’t seem to be interested in this. Boarding Area has 55 bloggers, Travelers United has a whole team of writers, and nobody’s talking about this.

      Oh, well, it’s all about fees anymore anyway. Bitching about fees. An extra 20 bucks to check a bag and people lose their minds. Their bodies and their children’s bodies violated? Meh.

      • Jadeveon Clowney

        You’re right about that. I read a lot of those blogs, and these days, it’s all about the fees.

  • Susan Richart

    And further, they are drooling all over themselves with the hope that backscatter can be made to work with ATR.

    • Oh, goody! Then people can be irradiated again!