James Bovard’s op-ed on TSA abuse in USA Today

Fellow crusader in the struggle James Bovard, about whom we’ve written before, has a new op-ed about the TSA in USA Today. Though he doesn’t link directly to TSA News, he does cover in a cogent, comprehensive fashion a lot of the same ground we’ve covered here over the years.

The title of the op-ed is “My too intimate relations with the TSA.”

Since USA Today accepts only Facebook comments, you can’t leave a comment unless you’re on FB. That counts me out. But I’d just say the same things I’ve been saying for years: the TSA is an out-of-control, criminal agency that abuses people with impunity. But apparently people are okay with being abused because they keep flying. We’re set to break all flying records this summer. I don’t believe things will change in my lifetime.

Oh, and one more thing, though we’ve repeated it countless times already: never, ever go into a private room with these people. They can’t force you to do that. Insist that they perform their abusive grope in public. As Susan Richart keeps reminding us, administrative searches — which is what by law the TSA is supposed to be doing, that and nothing more — have very strict guidelines:

“Moreover, the possibility for abuse is minimized by the public nature of the search. Unlike searches conducted on dark and lonely streets at night where often the officer and the subject are the only witnesses, these searches are made under supervision and not far from the scrutiny of the traveling public.”

See United States v. Skipwith, 482 F.2d 1272, 1275
(5th Cir. 1973).

  • As I told Jim when he sent me notice of his op-ed this morning, wait’ll the TSA apologists come crawling out of the woodwork. Et voilà:

    “Frank Viola ·
    EMT at Northwest EMS
    This is about as far from the truth as you can get. Can’t believe this got published in a news paper what a joke.”

    I hope people will chime in and support Jim and oppose people like Frank. As I said, I’m not on FB so I can’t leave a comment there.

    • And yet another moron, Jennifer Brigham, whose logic is, “because the TSA has never mistreated me, therefore they’ve never mistreated anyone else”:

      “Jennifer Brigham
      Ron Bonner . I have been through this process. It is not grabbing. It was clear, concise, professional. The search was just thorough enough to ensure I wasn’t hiding anything, and not at all unreasonable to ensure no more underwear bombs get on planes. You cannot convince me that the vast majority are doing anything other than that. I bet they are just trying to do a good job in spite of unpleasant circumstances.”

      And another:

      “Tanya Martin Ventura ·
      Lynn, Massachusetts
      Shows how much you know! They are not “NUDE” scanners!”

      Somebody should tell these half-wits that the bombs that just went off in Belgium happend in the airport and in the subway,, not on a plane. DUH. So all the pre-boarding groping wouldn’t have done a damn thing. Something we’ve been pointing out for six years.

      • Dolt

        I like that the comment by Jennifer Brigham shows her contempt for those who are more informed and understanding of the facts. They can’t possibly be “nude” scanners because….. she keeps her clothes on when she steps in? Because SHE doesn’t get to see the nude images it produces of her? Because she doesn’t want to believe that it can be true? Either way, it definitely shows how much you know, obviously!

        My guess is that none of these hysterical fear-mongering idiots are going to put together the facts that the multiple attacks in Paris and now the multiple attacks in Brussels have now ALL occurred OUTSIDE of the “sterile” or security checkpoints. My guess is that these morons will all happily congregate en mass as they eagerly await their freedom grope completely unaware that the plane or the stadium is no longer the target, but rather the line they are standing in. That is probably too much fact for them to handle.

        • Yep. We’ve been pointing it out here since this blog began, and many of us longer than that. But no, it won’t make a bit of difference. Pants-wetting idiots like their fear and like to pretend magic will protect them.

      • RB

        Half-wits, like TSA clerks, can barely breath on their on. Trying to teach them something is mostly a waste of time.

        The article has been link by Yahoo.

    • Susan Richart

      I have as have others. Frank Viola seems to be another West Cooper.

    • RB

      Frank Viola claims the article is not truthful but seems incapable of giving even one shred of evidence to support that claim.

      • He obviously works for the TSA, as his claims about “sensitive information” that only possesses attest.

      • Susan Richart

        Most likely, he’s hiding behind SSI as he is a screener in Pittsburgh.