Belgium attacks: more proof that the TSA is useless

The bomb attacks in Belgium today — three of them, two at different locations in the airport and one in the subway — present in high relief yet more proof of what we’ve been pointing out for five years now at this blog: the TSA is a charade. The TSA does not and cannot and will never prevent terror attacks. All the pre-boarding bullying, harassing, scanning, and groping doesn’t make a damn bit of difference, because — duh — people can set off bombs anywhere, not just on a plane.

From the Tribune wire reports:

Witnesses told The Associated Press that one occurred at an excess baggage payment counter and the other near a Starbucks cafe.

Hello?? Excess baggage payment counter. Starbucks cafe. In the airport. Not on a plane.

And the subway explosions happened in, er, the subway. Not on a plane.

Even the most credulous, unthinking TSA apologists can see those facts. I don’t believe it’ll make any difference — in fact, I know it won’t. But at least the rest of us can see what’s right in front of our faces even if they refuse to.

The TSA isn’t protecting you from anything. If you think it is, the kindest thing I can say about you is that you’re deluded. Willfully deluded. But I’ve been at this long enough to know that denial is one of humankind’s most cherished behaviors.

(Photo: Jef Versele via Yahoo News)

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  • Onetinythought

    Oh yah. I just heard on the broadcast news that “tsa presence will be increased.” The news clip showed a group of (corpulent) smurfs walking with purpose–uh–to somewhere Important.

    Cue the blue blob patrol. Jesus wept.

  • Dolt

    The BBC has already come up with their genius plan of moving checkpoints outside of the airport. Yep, that will for sure solve the problem of bombs going off IN the airport. Problem solved. I’m glad the experts are on this one!

    • Oh, for god’s sake. You can’t do parody anymore because reality has already surpassed it. What do they propose to do about the subway? The trains? Highways? Shopping malls? Etc. etc. etc.

      • Chris Bray

        Every single person should start every single day with a government search. Wake up, roll over, stand, raise your hands, receive full-body pat-down, put the coffee on, pee. Yogurt or cereal as authorized.

        • And you know there are millions of Americans who would be content with exactly that.

      • Dolt

        “What do they propose to do about the subway? The trains? Highways? Shopping malls? Etc. etc. etc.”

        Duh, Don’t you know terrorism only happens on airplanes!?!?? Everyone knows this because 9/11. …. you know… that one thing from 15 years ago! Terrorism didn’t exist before that date, obviously. We must secure the planes because I’m already afraid to fly and I have been told that planes are one TSA mistake away from raining down out of the sky. How can you not know this already??? Malls and highways? That’s silly, I can walk out of a mall or swerve around any problems on a highway. Everyone knows that!

  • RB

    I am not politically correct but most of the worlds terror attacks in recent years have been caused by groups of people who claim to be of Islamic faith. Seems to me that to stop this nonsense then the root problem has to be dealt with.

    No amount of Pre Boarding TSA screening will reduce the threat to hundreds of people standing in line waiting for a TSA Travel Document Checker, who serves no useful purpose on this earth, will stop an attack when the attacker is willing to kill themselves in carrying out their attack.

    The only way to stop this is to kill the attackers first.

    • I count drone-bombing civilians as terrorist attacks, so the U.S. and its allies are the leaders there. And as the CIA itself has admitted, has admitted for years, every drone attack recruits more terrorists. Every time. Seems pretty logical to me that if you come and bomb my village and kill my family members, I’m going to be pretty pissed off and just might want to retaliate.

      • RB

        What drone attacks had the U.S. carried out prior to 9/11/2001?

        • The U.S. has been interfering in the Middle East for decades. 9/11 was a criminal act and should’ve been treated as such, not as an opportunity for the U.S. to invade a country that had nothing to do with it and start a conflagration in the entire region, a conflagration that is still going on and for which we will be paying in blood for years to come.

          • RB

            Ok, so what offense did Belgium commit?

          • ssa nam

            it’s blow back. the west is reaping what it’s sown. I blame Wall Street and NATO. This goes all the way back to during and before world war 1. the west has systematically taken shit after shit after shit on the Middle East. Its support of Israel and the blind eye to Zionist aggression also does not help things by a long shot.

          • RB

            Islam has been at war with someone for centuries. If a person rejects Islam then Islam calls for that persons death. That is hardly a religion of peace. You can try to blame the violance being spread around the world on the West, Wall Street, or what have you but the real problem is an intolerant religion that has no place in todays world.

          • ssa nam

            I’m not trying at all to blame it on the West. I AM BLAMING it on the West. The problem is an imperialist western world which has no place in today’s world. And the same goes for Russia and China.

          • Dolt

            RB. You are not necessarily wrong, but there are a couple other factors as well. First, you can replace ANY religion with “Islam” and your statement will still be accurate.

            Secondly, it’s not just the religion aspect, thought that is a big contributor. There is also economic issues and, as I said earlier, the fact that the West, lead by the USA has screwed over and oppressed a large majority of the population of those countries for near a century. You can’t even deal with the cultural and religious aspects of the problem as long as the western interventions and meddling are continuing to fuel the fire from the other side of the flames.

          • Holy cow. I guess I better tell my Muslim friends that it’s only a matter of time before they go all Islamy and bomb somebody.

          • ssa nam

            They are the seat of the EU and NATO. They also likely both officially and unofficially are complicit with the powers that be in what is Western Zionist aggression in the Middle East. if you push someone in to a corner and you continue to piss on them of course they are going to retaliate. and all these so called new security directives serve only to subjugate people. which is what the so called radicals want. the “terrorists” which the west has created serve The States desire to subjugate you. me and everyone else.

          • ssa nam

            RB, ask yourself this. Why does Islamic State not dare attack Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Quatar, UAE, Bahrain? The only country they haven’t attacked that has shown lots of interest and wants to help do its part to put down Islamic State is Iran. Why? Why do they dare not touch Israel and Saudi Arabia? I will tell you why. Because Islamic State is a creation of the Western, Zionist powers. Those being the financial interests and the military industrial complex. It’s a Mr. Hide created by sociopaths. The losers are the common man and woman everywhere. The problem is not religion, race or creed. The problem is one part of the world that once claimed to stand against despotism. We have lost our way and it all started in 1913 here in the USA. Ever hear the this quote from the christian bale batman films? “you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. Well that is the West. And no I do not see Russia or China as the solution either. It is extremely un popular to blame the West for all this but dammit it is the truth and those unwilling to put that blame on those who deserve it are just as bad as the sociopaths.

          • Dolt

            I’ll tell you what Belgium did. They were the biggest group in Europe who cowered in fear and willingly allowed marshal law in their city following the Paris attacks. They, then, further heightened the awareness of their panic and willingness to bend over to authority by famously posting a ton of cat-related-tweets while they were under orders to not leave their home for a week.

            A terrorist group dreams of this type of response to their actions. It is what their entire motivation depends on. Brussels gave it to them in spades without a direct attack. It only seems logical to me that a terrorist group would want to then see what they will do after an actual attack. I am positive Brussels and other countries – including the USA – will now not disappoint that terrorist group. They will be smiling and celebrating the reaction and response to this.

            P.S. My favorite headline of the time said that Brussels tweeted cat photos to “confuse” the terrorists! LOL! Seriously!

          • TestJeff Pierce

            According to some accounts on the mainstream media, the poor immigrants tend to stay insular to their host country of Belgium. That doesn’t mean Belgium committed any offense, but it doesn’t matter. Belgium arrested the terrorist suspect a few days ago, and the rest of the terrorists took action.

            We all know many more Muslims are kiiled by extremist Muslims – look at all the mosque and marketplace bombings in Muslim-majority countries or regions.

            When people are committed enough to kill someone for their beliefs (Crusades anyone? American revolution?), then violence will continue. Humans are great at it….

          • ssa nam

            Begium’s offense is playing host to NATO. An antiquated organization which only serves the financial interests and military industrial complex. NATO member States do not mind their own business. NATO should have died when the USSR broke. Belgium by playing host to NATO is complicit in Western imperialist crimes. That is why it was targeted. How much longer must we debate? How much longer until the deluted accept the fact that Western values are dead? How much longer if ever until we have a majority concensus that Western foreign policy and support for zionist Israel is the direct cause for every violent islamic retaliation against the West? You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villian. That is the west. Either embrace the Constitution and individual rights or get in line with the imperialists. And getting rid of encryption and gun rights would be a HUGE boon to the State! I am not afraid of some mentally ill civilian with an “assault weapon” (whatever that means). Nor the NRA. Im afraid of government agents of the state with guns. Im afraid of the CFR, central banking, the trilateral commision, IMF, world bank, WTO. Fuck all forms of government at this point. I’d rather be an anarchist/noble savage.

        • Dolt

          The ones where human CIA drones supplied weapons and empty promises to Afghanistan so they would fight the USA’s proxy war against Russia, then left them decimated with broken promises.

    • Dolt

      I will be more politically incorrect and just say religion is the root. Which religion doesn’t matter. All sides use religion to justify their horrific behaviors.

    • TestJeff Pierce

      The root problem is an “idea”, and it is very hard to fight ideas. When Saudi Arabia looks the other way – so its religious leaders don’t rise against the tribal royalty dictatorship – when it’s extreme religious groups raise their children in hard-core literal Islamic interpretation (and denigrate the USA), then there is no end.

      Ultimately, people have to agree to live together in tolerable peace or not….and when enough extremists are willing to fight and die for their world view, there is nothing one can do to get to the “root of the problem”.

      • I beg to differ. It’s not “an idea.” The “idea” is the excuse to commit these acts. There are so many other factors at play, the main one being power. The “idea” is merely a handy peg on which to hang atrocities. Religions — and ideologies — have been doing it since the dawn of time.

        When you have self-professed Islamists kidnapping girls, forcing contraception on them, raping them, and then selling them on to the next self-professed zealot, it’s not about religion. It’s not about an idea.

        • TestJeff Pierce

          Basically, yes. People who are willing to murder someone has a psychological state that most people do not. I would say that being in a state to kill the British back in the 1770s is probably not that different from the way the bombers felt about European government.

          However, choosing to kill civilians probably is a higher level motivation or state than killing against authoratarianism.

          At any rate, the social and poltiical reasons why a minority of people choose to kill others is a mainstay of what makes history into history.

      • RB

        Yes there is. Kill them!

  • Chris Bray

    You’ll die in a different place — totally worth 50,000 employees and tens of billions of dollars. We’ve moved the threat back several dozen feet.

    • Daisiemae

      Anybody who lives in New Jersey knows that it’s totally worth it to risk your life and limb in order to gain a couple of feet–let alone several dozen. Ten minutes on I-287 will teach you that.

      So $8 billion a year to be “safe” for several dozen feet–yeah! That’s worth it!

      • frostysnowman

        Haha! I grew up in NJ and totally get this.

  • Jack Stinglash

    Just so. The ratcheting-up of security has, of course, already begun here in Europe. None of these measures — armed guards patrolling every street corner, intensified harassment at airports and transportation hubs — is going to do anything other than target innocent people trying to go about their business. That, too, is the terrorists’ intent. Therefore we hand them a victory every time we react like this.

    • Dolt

      This is exactly what the boot-lickers fail to understand. Of course the authority-hungry government doesn’t help by saying things to the non-thinkers such as “they hate us for our freedoms” and other nonsense.

      The one thing that would get the terrorists to re-think their strategy is if there was actually NO response. But, sadly, every time they get exactly what they want and usually even more so.