At the top of this blog, in the Menu bar, please note the arrival of a new page at TSA News: @AskTSA, a compendium from the AskTSA Twitter site of passenger comments and TSA responses that I consider noteworthy. For example, comments from passengers who criticize the TSA, or responses by the TSA that show a lack of reading comprehension, or incomplete responses, such as when a TSA rep tells passengers they can bring something on board, but doesn’t add that any screener can deny any item at any time for any reason.

The page will be updated on a regular basis.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post that include several comments from passengers who felt violated by the TSA during so-called “enhanced patdowns.” Since that post was published, no other explicit comments about “pat downs” have appeared on the @AskTSA Twitter feed.


I don’t think so.

It certainly looks as if the TSA is now hiding critical comments. In place of those critical comments about abusive pat-downs, @AskTSA is now publishing comments from passengers about the great treatment they got from TSA screeners, how efficient and kind they were. If you believe those are the only kinds of comments travelers are tweeting to the TSA, I have a bridge to sell you.

The following Tweets appeared on AskTSA last night, March 30, 2016:


Vinnie Liar” opened his Twitter account yesterday and sent six comments to various U.S. and British agencies. Is there anyone who doesn’t think he was jerking chains and playing — anyone, that is, except @AskTSA?