@AskTSA Week 6 – How do dogs speed up TSA screening?

There are no screen shots of @AskTSA comments this week because 90% of comments from @AskTSA are in response to the growing number of complaints about long lines and lack of Pre-Check lanes.

There have been questions about hair pat-downs of women of color whom, in spite of an agreement with the ACLU, the TSA still seems to profile.

There have also been complaints about the scanners alarming on crotches. Two people complained that they get crotch pat-downs every single time they fly. There was no indication, however, about whether they might have been transgender passengers, which could explain the alarms. Then again, since the scanners alarm on seams, pleats, and sweat, as we have pointed out hundreds of times, who knows?

There were a couple of comment about the fact that @AskTSA is unwilling to give direct “Yes” or “No” answers to questions. We all know that’s standard operating procedure for the TSA. Gotta keep those terrorists guessing!

One of the standard responses from @AskTSA to questions about long lines is:

We’re working to address the volume by increasing use of canines, encouraging TSA Pre✓® enrollment & accelerating hiring.

How does increasing the use of dogs speed up the screening process? There don’t seem to be any reports of passengers who pass the “sniff” test being moved to PreCheck lanes, so if someone could explain to me how it works, I’d appreciate it.

And by the way, as we’ve also explained umpteen times, dogs are no panacea.

As for “accelerating hiring,” the TSA allegedly has plans to hire 800 more screeners. But a quick perusal of USAJobs, where TSA openings are advertised, shows no openings for TSA screeners in Chicago, Atlanta, or New York/New Jersey, areas that are seeing some of the the biggest lines and longest delays.

There are two openings for trainers at the “training academy” in Georgia, however.

In other TSA news, it’s been reported that 35% of newly hired screeners leave the agency in their first year of employment.

Until next week . . . .

  • Susan Richart

    Surprise, surprise, Chuckie Schumer is weighing in on the subject of dogs and the TSA:


    “When you have one of these dogs, you don’t have to take off your shoes.
    You don’t have to take off your jacket. You don’t have to take off your
    belt. They can even sniff whatever baggage you’re carrying on,” Schumer

    • Schumer — like most of the worthless wankers in Congress and the U.S. population at large — is clueless. Dogs aren’t the answer!

      Can you just imagine some poor innocent sucker who doesn’t pass the sniff test, because the dog is tired, because its handler is being an asshole and encouraging him to alarm on someone or something, and the person’s baggage gets ripped apart, and he’s interrogated for hours, possibly in a cell somewhere at the airport, missing his connecting flights, being separated from his family, going through hell? With no recourse??

      • Susan Richart

        Someone on Twitter wrote they saw a dog sniffing a terrified kid and then handler yelled at Mom to move faster. In spite of sniffing, shoes/belts off.

  • Susan Richart
    • I don’t understand the point of this video. The dog didn’t alarm on anyone — as he/she shouldn’t have, since none of the passengers should be alarmed on. Is the FT poster just pointing out that using dogs is worthless, which is true, or is it something else?

      • Susan Richart

        I don’t know the point of the video either – if there is sound, I can’t hear it. The original video was posted on #iHateTheWait on Twitter. So I’m still wondering how the use of canines speeds up the screening process as @AskTSA claims.

        • “I’m still wondering how the use of canines speeds up the screening process.”

          They don’t. As we know. Have you asked Blogger Bob and his ilk?

          • Susan Richart

            You expect an answer from the Blog? Come on, Lisa!

          • Yes, I expect their usual bullshit answers. That’s what I’d like to see. It’s good for comic relief.

  • TestJeff Pierce

    I have seen some airports combine canine screening with PreCheck lines. In other words, PreCrime (PreCheck) passengers go through non-metallic bomb sniffing test and then into metal detectors.

    Dogs do not put people into the PreCheck line from the standard Unconstitutional and Groping Line.

    • Susan Richart

      Wasn’t that with one of the now defunct “managed inclusion” plans?

  • thajack

    “…encouraging TSA Pre✓® enrollment…”

    In other words, even though we have already taken more than $7 billion of your taxpayer dollars this year, we would like to ask you to pay us more, but this time directly.

  • Daisiemae

    Here’s the agreement that TSA has with the American People:

    We will continue to whatever the Hell we want to anybody we want any time we want.

    You will continue to submit…and you will like it!

  • Chris Bray

    The crotch is a dangerous instrument, people. Very bad things have been done with it. I am grateful that the TSA is so interested in mine — it makes me feel safe.

  • An agreement with the ACLU. A settlement with Stacey Armato. A settlement with Steven Bierfeldt. Etc. All meaningless. Agreements, settlements, “understandings” with the TSA are all meaningless!

    • 1amWendy

      No kidding… when I was strip-searched I met with the DTW Director. He said I shouldn’t have been strip-searched, and what were the screeners’ names? I looked at him in disbelief, saying “Well, tell me when and how I could take a minute, pull out a piece of paper and a pencil, and write that down. Since I was down to nothing.”