@AskTSA thread ending

I’ve decided to end the almost-weekly @AskTSA thread as the TSA’s site has devolved into posting praise from passengers for PreCheck, advising passenger’s how to make certain they receive PreCheck on their boarding passes, explaining to passengers how they can receive “expedited” screening in regular lanes, sometimes offering insincere apologies for the actions of abusive screeners, and claiming that security is their #1 priority.

For the most part, on the positive side, @AskTSA has stopped claiming that canine teams make checkpoint lines move faster, substituting the claim that they are bringing in “additional resources” to move the lines along.

There’s an all-out press over at the TSA Blog pushing PreCheck in addition to a general PR campaign to improve the TSA’s image. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem as if too many people are buying into that campaign.

I will keep reading @AskTSA, responding to individual tweets, and, from time to time, posting links to the more outrageous claims/comments @AskTSA’s Twitter page, such as when they claim that liquid explosives are still a threat.