Passenger slips metal by TSA scanners – repeatedly

Jon Corbett was the first person in this country to sue the TSA for invasion of privacy. He maintains a blog where you can read all about the progress — slow, of course — of his lawsuit. Despite his repeated run-ins with abusive TSA agents, he still flies. And recently, he slipped something past the scanners.

As he details in this video, he put a little metal case into a side pocket, which didn’t show up on the scan. Why? Because black on black doesn’t show up. You’ll have to watch the video to get the full picture, as it is, indeed, worth a thousand words.

For the record, though Corbett’s method was ingenious, he’s not the first person to demonstrate the worthlessness of the scanners. Here are a few more accounts, dating back over two years:

Airport body scanners unlikely to foil Al Qaeda says MP

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It’s also worth remembering that the scanners cost $150,000 to $200,000 apiece, not including upgrades, ATR (Automated Target Recognition) software, modifications, etc. And that a few corporations — Rapiscan and L-3, for example — have multi-million-dollar contracts with the U.S. government to supply them. (And that such contractors are the biggest contributors to both Republicans’ and Democrats’ political campaigns. But I digress.)

It’s also worth remembering that the scanners have a 54% false-positive rate, as we’ve documented repeatedly. And as we’ve also documented repeatedly, going through a scanner doesn’t mean you won’t also be hauled aside for a grope. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. You still stand to be abused.

So what do you think? Will the TSA appreciate Jon Corbett’s little demonstration?