Jon Corbett’s new video: TSA screener admits scanners are a boondoggle

As most of our readers know, Jon Corbett posted a video last month demonstrating how he easily got past both the BKSX (backscatter/x-ray) scanners and the MMW (millimeter wave) scanners with a metal object sewn into his jacket.

The TSA dismissed Corbett’s claims and tried to downplay them — that is, when they weren’t trying to prevent the mainstream media from covering the story.

Well, now Corbett has a new video, in which he interviews a former TSA screener about the habitual failure of the scanners. Among other incompetencies “Jennifer” relates, she reveals that there is supposed to be a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual at every checkpoint, but that in all her years of working for the TSA, she never saw one.