Another passenger charged after being assaulted by TSA

Yesterday I wrote about two cases where passengers who had been assaulted by the TSA were themselves charged with assault. Today comes news of yet another woman who, in trying to protect herself, has been charged with assault and battery.

Carol Jean Price, 59 years old, of Fort Myers, Florida, had already passed through the security gauntlet and was at her gate ready to board. As we’ve reported repeatedly at TSA News, TSA agents often accost passengers at the gate and haul them aside for yet another “random” search. A search that includes groping.

That’s what happened to Price.

Objecting to being pawed, she called for a supervisor. When the TSA supervisor showed up, Price attempted to show the supervisor what was done to her. She was promptly arrested for battery and “resisting an officer.”

Again, think about this:  Price was arrested for doing what TSA agents had already done to her and what they do to passengers every day.

I get tired of repeating myself. So I refer you to yesterday’s post about the Kafkaesque world we’re living in, and which millions of Americans support. These people are complicit.