William Shatner, other celebrities also humiliated by TSA

In an apparent attempt to make light of the fact that an 81-year-old man was forced to stand in public with his pants around his ankles, the Toronto Sun reported that actor William Shatner was chosen for a “random” search at LAX (Los Angeles).

Apparently the newspaper thinks it’s amusing that Shatner “was left nursing a bruised ego.”

Yeah, because it’s so amusing when a government agency demand that you be stripped, groped, and publicly humiliated. Hardy-har-har, I laugh about it all the time!

Plenty of other celebrities have also been singled out by the TSA; there are more all the time. And still more. And more. I guess this shows that they’re “just like you and me.” Or maybe the blue-shirted wonders just want to poke and prod the rich and famous.

Since I’ve spent the past few years defending anyone and everyone, no matter their social status, from TSA abuse, I will also defend William Shatner.

It’s not funny to watch someone, including a famous someone, have to stand half-naked in public. And anyone who thinks it is might want to delve into a little history — perhaps of 1930s Germany — and psychotherapy.