TSA mocks deaf man, steals from him

As I wrote the other day, just when you think the TSA can’t get any more stupid or abusive, they prove you wrong. The agency is reliable: there’s always a new low.

In the latest low (that we know of, that is — one can only imagine how many more we don’t), a deaf man was going through security when he was called, to his face and in front of everyone else, a “fucking deafie” by TSA agents, who laughed at him, then proceeded to paw through his bags and lie to him about what he was allowed to take on board.

The offending article: candy. Which the TSA agents then ate.

Last December I wrote a post that opened with a famous statement by an infamous monster: “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

It still holds true today, and millions of people still refuse to ackowledge it.

I have documented thousands of accounts of bullying, harassment, abuse, theft, and physical assault by the TSA. Logic dictates that there are thousands more we’ll never hear about.

The level of denial in this country about what this criminal, power-mad, out-of-control agency is doing is off the charts.

Anyone who still defends the TSA or turns a blind eye to what’s happening is being willfully ignorant. Clearly, people with such thick skulls are only capable of learning when one of these incidents happens to them.