TSA mocks deaf man, steals from him

As I wrote the other day, just when you think the TSA can’t get any more stupid or abusive, they prove you wrong. The agency is reliable: there’s always a new low.

In the latest low (that we know of, that is — one can only imagine how many more we don’t), a deaf man was going through security when he was called, to his face and in front of everyone else, a “fucking deafie” by TSA agents, who laughed at him, then proceeded to paw through his bags and lie to him about what he was allowed to take on board.

The offending article: candy. Which the TSA agents then ate.

Last December I wrote a post that opened with a famous statement by an infamous monster: “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

It still holds true today, and millions of people still refuse to ackowledge it.

I have documented thousands of accounts of bullying, harassment, abuse, theft, and physical assault by the TSA. Logic dictates that there are thousands more we’ll never hear about.

The level of denial in this country about what this criminal, power-mad, out-of-control agency is doing is off the charts.

Anyone who still defends the TSA or turns a blind eye to what’s happening is being willfully ignorant. Clearly, people with such thick skulls are only capable of learning when one of these incidents happens to them.

  • danlb0y

    Has TSA ever stopped a terrorist? I have never heard of case? They always get through and on the plane. Passengers are the ones left holding the security bag! If anyone knows of a case where they actually prevented something please post it. I can’t stomach the idea that they put this many people through hell and they have not stopped any terrorists!

  • Has anyone questioned the TSA’s statement that they looked through 120 hours of CCTV footage. This bugs me for a couple reasons.

    1) In 120 hours of video, I would most likely not catch a 10 minute occurrence that simply shows the TSA employees bossing around and degrading a defenseless civilian.

    2) Although the TSA knows the name of the passenger, what flight he took, and most likely which checkpoint he passed through they were only capable of narrowing their search to 120 hours of CCTV. That is five full days of recordings. This indicates to me that they are either extremely incompetent or simply covering up the incident as it is yet another embarrassment.

    3) They also state that the video was sourced over a three day period. Can they really not even narrow it down to the day that he flew?

    4) They also stated that they searched for any scenes that resembled the account of the accosted passenger. Why did they not look for that individual passenger in their CCTV footage? Did they ever determine when this passenger went through security? If not, then the 120 hours of CCTV are not relevant to the story and is nothing more than bluster designed to deflect from the actual incident along the lines of: Look at all the effort we made, it is obvious that we care. With this level of effort there is no way that we missed a TSA employee doing something wrong.

    • Jonathan, all good points. Unfortunately, the TSA has a track record of lying. They lied about Lenore Zimmerman, they lied about Ruth Sherman, they lied about Linda Kallish, they lied about Lena Reppert, they lied about Sommer Gentry, they lied about Drew Mandy, they lied about Dina Frank, they lied about Ryan Thomas, they lied about Yukari Miyamae, they lied about Nadine Kay Hays, on and on and on and on. I don’t see why we should believe them in this case.

      • Daizymae

        I seriously doubt they ever looked at any video tape. Their intention from the beginning was to deny it so why would they bother with the effort.

        On second thought, they probably went straight to the footage of this incident and erased it. Then they handed 120 hours of video tape over to a couple of their high school dropouts and had them look at it…in between naps, of course.

        All this is assuming that there is actually any videotape at all. It’s a big assumption that the cameras are working and actually connected to working computers that are actually plugged in and switched on.

  • UPDATE: Predictably, of course, the TSA is denying it.

  • cjr001

    Insert standard TSA response here: nothing happened, there’s been a mistake, case dismissed.

  • GOP_Lies

    Just another example of why I will NEVER fly again. This is another out of control government agency that the public appears to accept. They call this a free country, yeah right. Americans appear to not have a clue as to what the word freedom means. The TSA is the perfect example. Most of the airlines in the U.S. are loosing money. The TSA could be one of the reasons.