Make-A-Wish kid hassled by TSA

This photo was posted on Reddit and has been picked up by other discussion boards on the web. Its caption reads:

This is my friend’s son being searched by the TSA, note he has cancer and he is on his way to make a wish trip to Disneyland.

Other commenters at Reddit chime in with stories of their own about being disabled and harassed by the TSA.

At another discussion board, still more comments.

As we’ve discussed many times at TSA News, the harassing of disabled passengers at the checkpoint is nothing new. Wendy Thomson, finally forced out of her job because she refused to continue being assaulted, wrote about her experiences here. I wrote yesterday about a deaf man being abused, and last week about other passengers. A few days before that, a disabled lawyer who was injured by the TSA finally settled his case. I wrote last year that the Amputee Coalition of America has had it with the TSA. And, of course, elderly people are routinely humiliated.

I wonder how long it will take before the naysayers and TSA apologists out there wake up?

Then again, perhaps they never will. There are always comments such as:

Yes, I feel safer. No, I don’t feel outraged that someone got searched in an airport. I totally believe someone bent on destroying the US would absolutely use someone like this to attack us if it became a known fact that small children who appear to have life-threatening illnesses and are going to Disneyland will never get searched.

Land of the Fearful, Home of the Subjugated.

  • panhead20

    “Uncontrolled search and seizure is one of the first and most effective weapons in the arsenal of every arbitrary government. Among deprivations of rights, none is so effective in cowing a population, crushing the spirit of the individual and putting terror in every heart.”
    Justice Robert Jackson, chief U.S. prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials

    I will not subject myself nor my family to needless radiation exposure nor TSA molestation. My family and I will not be flying until the TSA changes these procedures.

    T – Terrorists
    S – Searching
    A – Americans

  • cahdot

    what idiot said “i feel safer” they must be nuts and someone thinking more government and more taxes to do this nonsense is daffy

  • 4nsicdoc

    Cowards like TSOs pick on the elderly and disabled because they are more confident that these weakened people won’t fight back. I can’t wait for the first work related TSO death.

    • Daizymae

      Predators always seek easy prey.

    • Amieflick

      WOW, death really!

  • Sweet Tart

    Does the TSA purposely go out of its way to hire sadistic cruel people? Because something is seriously wrong with TSA employees – seriously wrong.

    • Yes they do! They only hire losers, criminals, etc – people who would otherwise not even get the lowest of the lowest jobs at McDonald’s or Wal Mart!

  • Sally

    This is disgusting. We are no safer… because we have never been in any danger!!!

    P.S. Disqus sucks. Takes too long to load: I often leave sites before commenting because it takes too long to load. Had to refresh this page to get the box to load before I could comment. The login is waaay too complicated and doesn’t work half the time. I use CommentLuv — really simple and you can do/don’t follow, Yoast SEO is excellent and Askimet for spam.

    • Daizymae

      Yes, I have trouble with Disqus too. That’s why there are so many spellings of Daisymae on this blog. It’s constantly refusing to recognize my log in info and then I end up starting a new one.

      • I have heard this also from one other person. I don’t know what to say. I’ve never had a problem with it. I like Disqus because it allows me to comment on hundreds of sites around the web with one easy log-in. And if you make a typo, it allows you to correct it after the fact (on many sites, that is, including this one, not all).

        • cjr001

          I’ve had some issues at times, but they don’t usually last long.

  • ang.
    • ang, yes, that’s on tap for later in the week, closer to the actual anniversary. We also have another anniversary to mark tomorrow, and other stories in the pipeline. Sigh. So much TSA abuse to cover.

  • RB

    I hate to say it but this photo does not show any abuse by TSA towards this child. He is sitting in a chair and the TSA clerk isn’t touching him. We have a battle to fight and win but this kind of deal doesn’t help the effort.

    • Daisiemae

      Actually, it does show abuse by TSA. It clearly shows that this child was selected for additional screening because he has a prosthetic limb. That is clear discrimination against a disabled individual.

      Discriminating against a person, a child no less, because he has a physical disability meets the definition of abuse in any reasonable person’s dictionary.

      • RB

        From this picture we don’t know if the child is receiving additional screening or if TSA was trying to help by giving the kid a place to sit. It looks to me that an ETD swab is being ran in the machine while the child waits for the result. There is no abuse depicted in this image.

        • Again, readers can make up their own minds. And nowhere did I say that there is abuse depicted in this image.

          • RB

            Daisiemae did.

            All I am saying is that we need to have solid evidence of TSA malfeasance and this image is truly benign.

          • I would say many images I have posted are “benign.” The image yesterday of the deaf guy; are we to believe his story even though we have no photo/video proof? What about William Shatner? No proof there either. What about Ruth Sherman, Lenore Zimmerman, Sommer Gentry, Amy Alkon, Jean Weber Destin’s mother (sorry, can’t remember her name), Drew Mandy, Yukari Miyamae, Linda Kallish, Dina Frank, Ryan Thomas, on and on? I don’t have photographic evidence of any of their claims of harassment/abuse/assault.

            I think logic would dictate that the woman who posted this photograph on Reddit wouldn’t have done so if she hadn’t thought something was amiss, if she hadn’t been upset by the fact that this kid was singled out for extra screening. That’s why I provided the link; people can check out the original for themselves.

            Then it becomes a matter of interpretation: do you think that the singling out of a disabled, prosthetic-wearing, cancer-stricken child with Mickey Mouse ears on his head is appropriate? I don’t. YMMV.

            Given that in surveys by the Amputee Coalition of America, 75% of respondents said they’ve been dissatisfied, disrespected, or abused by the TSA, and the abundant evidence elsewhere that the TSA abuses people, I don’t think it’s too much of a leap to question the wisdom, if not the sanity, of anyone searching this kid.

          • RB

            In the case of the deaf guy there was a story.

            What was the story in this case?

          • Again, as I said, check the original links, all provided. Make up your own mind.

    • RB, same thing I wondered, so I asked Chris Elliott, who replied that he sees people with prosthetic limbs being pulled aside by the TSA for searches all time. And since this picture accords with his experience and that of Wendy Thomson and of other disabled passengers, I decided to post it. Readers can draw their own conclusions.

      • TSAisTerrorism

        Of course they are.

        Everyone knows that the best way to get a bomb on a plane is to have your leg amputated and have a bomb attached to it you can walk on in the shape of a leg. Duh. /sarc

        These TSA “people” are serious morons.

    • RB: I appreciate your objectiveness. My interpretation is that ANY TIME someone is pulled over for additional screening is abusive to constitutional rights. It is is the classic conundrum of “search everyone without probable cause” because of fear of some potential injury to others.

      As I have stated, no US citizen airline passenger has successfully used non-metallic bombs and caused a fatality in 50 years. Globally, since 1997, the only 2 known attempts were unsuccessful and resulted in injury to one of the global passengers (so-called underwear bomber, no working bomb despite 5 years to design, test, and refine one…).

      So, any of this additional screening doesn’t even begin to meet a mathematical test of risk – with 0 fatalities in 50 years, the TSA would have to resurrect the dead to improve the fatality statistics.

      I do agree with you that the picture doesn’t show physical assault (unwanted touching of body, especially genitals) but we can all agree the cancer-stricken boy with an artificial limb was absolutely profiled – as all amputees are 100% singled out by the TSA – for worthless additional screening.

      I would like to think one day America will stop being gutless and we will accept freedom to travel and return to reasonable airport security.

      • Daisiemae

        Good post. Just one point…not all abuse is physical. Yes, the photo does not depict physical assault as you said. The mere fact that a physical assault is not depicted does not eliminate abuse.

        As you pointed out, pulling anyone aside for additional screening without probable cause is abusive. So much more so for a child whose “crime” is wearing an artificial limb.

        Plus, I think it’s easy to see from his body language that he is not being “helped” by the TSA as someone else suggested. It’s pretty easy to see his apprehension as he is looking over his shoulder to see what the screener is doing. If he felt comfortable and at ease, there would be no need to check on the activities of the screener behind him.

        • cjr001

          And TSA’s goons are just as good at abusing people emotionally and mentally as they are physically.

          • Daizymae

            Absolutely! And as they are dishing out their mental and emotional abuse, the victim is fully aware that he/she can be assaulted, molested, robbed, detained, and even arrested by these thugs with the full weight of the United States government behind them. Talk about terror….that Terror with a capital T.

  • Daizymae

    When I was young, I used to have nightmare about the Nazis. My father had served in WWII. He told me many stories , and of course, I learned about it in school.

    Now it seems my nightmares are coming true.

    • TSAisTerrorism

      Everything we do at US airports today is what my friends and I used to “play” during recess in school to make fun of Eastern Bloc countries. It’s sad so many people don’t see this…