Make-A-Wish kid hassled by TSA

This photo was posted on Reddit and has been picked up by other discussion boards on the web. Its caption reads:

This is my friend’s son being searched by the TSA, note he has cancer and he is on his way to make a wish trip to Disneyland.

Other commenters at Reddit chime in with stories of their own about being disabled and harassed by the TSA.

At another discussion board, still more comments.

As we’ve discussed many times at TSA News, the harassing of disabled passengers at the checkpoint is nothing new. Wendy Thomson, finally forced out of her job because she refused to continue being assaulted, wrote about her experiences here. I wrote yesterday about a deaf man being abused, and last week about other passengers. A few days before that, a disabled lawyer who was injured by the TSA finally settled his case. I wrote last year that the Amputee Coalition of America has had it with the TSA. And, of course, elderly people are routinely humiliated.

I wonder how long it will take before the naysayers and TSA apologists out there wake up?

Then again, perhaps they never will. There are always comments such as:

Yes, I feel safer. No, I don’t feel outraged that someone got searched in an airport. I totally believe someone bent on destroying the US would absolutely use someone like this to attack us if it became a known fact that small children who appear to have life-threatening illnesses and are going to Disneyland will never get searched.

Land of the Fearful, Home of the Subjugated.