TSA strip-searches another woman, messes with feeding tube

TSA agents have, yet again, strip-searched another woman. But that wasn’t enough. They also endangered her life by handling her feeding tube.

Melinda Deaton was detained by TSA agents at Dallas Love Field Airport, said her husband, John Deaton. She has to travel back and forth between her home in Texas and the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for medical care:

“They had physically stripped her and saw the tube coming out of her stomach, and they decided that they needed to check it for explosives, so they had to physically handle the tube,” Deaton recalled, adding that swabbing the tube for explosives put his wife at a risk for infections.

“Any time you put a harsh substance on it, you run the risk of contamination,” he explained. “They put stuff on there that we don’t know what it is and identify. She has a weak immune system as part of her medical condition, and it can be very fatal to her.”

I don’t know what it will take for people in this country to wake up. The TSA is bullying, harassing, threatening, robbing, and sexually assaulting people, every day. Yet the deniers and naysayers continue to stick their heads in the sand.

What will it take? Will someone have to die? Someone like Melinda Deaton?