TSA screener charged with domestic assault, terrorizing

Another TSA screener has been charged with a crime. Not only assault (which by now we’ve practically come to expect), but also “terrorizing.”  

Isn’t the TSA supposed to protect us from terrorism?

Robert Don Jensen, age 40, of Brinsmade, North Dakota was charged last week with felony terrorizing, assault, and ingestion of a controlled substance. He allegedly got into a fight with his roommate, pushed him around, and threatened him with a gun. As of this writing, he still remains in the local lock-up and he still remains employed by the TSA.


This isn’t Jensen’s first brush with the law. Last year he assaulted a woman and a 12-year-old child.

None of that, of course, interfered with his duties of pawing people and rifling through their luggage, which he’s been doing at Devils Lake Regional Airport since 2004, two years after he first joined the TSA.

Oh, well, what’s a little shoving match between friends? Don’t worry — if he remains employed by the TSA and shoves you at the airport, it’ll just prove he’s your friend!

  • cjr001

    Miami airport customs agent pleads guilty to groping 3 womenhttp://overheadbin.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/07/25/12950825-miami-airport-customs-agent-pleads-guilty-to-groping-3-women

    TSA employees sexually assault people every day. You’d think it would be really easy to get the same standard applied to all of them as has been used in this customs agent’s case.

  • cjr001

    When you’ve hired more terrorists than you’ve found, you’re doing it completely wrong.

  • See, the TSA does find terrorists. Their HR department is excellent at finding and hiring them.

  • RB

    Just the standard quality TSA Screener.

  • Drontil

    Don’t worry — if he remains employed by the TSA and shoves you at the airport…”

    And you won’t be able to charge him with assault!

    The original article I read indicated that even before he assaulted the woman and the 12-year old, he’d completed an anger management course. Yep, the TSA sure knows how to pick its employees.

    “The agreement, dated Nov. 9 and signed by Jensen and Benson County State’s Attorney James Wang, noted that Jensen had successfully completed an anger management program in the past.”