TSA: causing air travel avoidance and leap in traffic deaths?

There’s a report that US traffic deaths in the first three months of 2012 jumped 13.5 percent — the highest number since 2008.  

David Shepardson writes in the Detroit News:

The estimated increase is the second largest quarterly jump in traffic deaths since NHTSA began tracking deaths on a quarterly basis in 1975 — and the biggest since 1979.

NHTSA said the rate of traffic deaths per 100 million miles of vehicle travel increased substantially. For the first three months of 2012, the rate increased significantly to 1.10 fatalities per 100 million miles traveled, up from 0.98 fatalities per 100 million miles in the same period last year.

. . . The increase would end a steady decline in U.S. road deaths over the last seven years.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration speculated that this jump in traffic deaths was caused by the “very warm winter across the country,” causing people to drive more.

But hmmm . . . .

Could it perhaps have something to do with the fact that Americans don’t want to have their Constitutional rights violated? Their sex parts fingered at the airport? And that maybe they don’t want to stand in line two hours for a pointless show of “security” that has yet, in its $60 billion-plus history, to catch much more than the likes of a veteran’s rusty pocketknife, cupcakes in a jar, and a bunch of hidden weed?

(Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/gohsuket)