TSA: Why get your bits groped when you can just row up with a warhead?

The 58,401 Stooges (aka TSA employees) are so busy pretending to administer security that they fail to actually do it. In New York, a jet-skier, stranded in Jamaica Bay, swam to shore and easily breached all the supposed security they have between the Bay and the terminal. 

From NBC New York:

Daniel Castillo of Queens swam to shore and then walked past motion sensors and closed-circuit cameras of the airport’s state-of-the art Perimeter Intrusion Detection System.

The $100 million system is meant to safeguard against terrorists.

Castillo climbed an eight-foot-tall perimeter fence and made his way to Terminal 3, according to The New York Post. He approached a Delta Airlines worker, who alerted authorities, the paper said.

(Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Hugh Cree)

  • rb

    Airport Security Plans are approved by TSA.

    TSA cannot say they have no responsibility in this security failure.

  • This story would be rejected by any self-respecting Hollywood studio. Who would believe that you could just walk onto the tarmac? You have to crawl through a sewer or, at the very least, hide your explosives in the brassiere of a middle aged lady from Omaha. Consequently, while Mr. Castillo was climbing over fences down by the aircraft, up in the terminal a squad of TSA-holes were no doubt mounting an expedition to secure some grandma’s diaper.

    I’m not against security. In fact I LIKE security. That’s why I have such contempt for the TSA. They have utterly failed to secure the runway in Philly, the tarmac in Atlanta, flight schools in Boston, cargo everywhere and now the tarmac at JFK.

    Before one more innocent American gets felt up, it’s about damned time someone threw these loathsome fools off the end of a jet bridge.

    • Daisiemae

      You’re complaining that he was arrested? I mean, he had a choice, didn’t he? He could have chosen to drown instead of showing up TSA as incompetent buffoons. Pretty much like that choice we have of being strip searched and irradiated or being sexually assaulted.