TSA uses carolers and canines to distract us from the truth this Christmas

Once again, TSA choristers are singing their respective hearts out at Los Angeles International Airport.

You know, I love music. I studied voice for several years (the term is “classically trained”), and I’ve made some money at it over the years. I’ve sung from Venice to Florence, at Arlington, at the Chapel at Notre Dame, and at Detroit’s Symphony Hall. I really love music, and appreciate those who perform.

So I appreciate that TSA choristers are using their shared occupation as a base to form a choir.

But have you noticed that two feel-good stories were covered — again — this year, right at Christmas?

Between puppies and carolers, we are being subjected to a PR campaign intended to distract us from the ugly fact that the organization for whom these people work has no intention of restoring our basic fundamental right of maintaining the sanctity of our bodies, of maintaining the right to decide who sees us naked and who touches us where, while also maintaining the right of freedom to move about the country. Move about the world.

Throughout history, the right to freedom of movement has been crucial to personal industry and social prosperity. Societies cannot prosper without the freedom to travel. There is no threat so large that freedom to travel should be compromised.

Recent polls indicating that 39 percent of Americans would choose anything but air tell me that freedom to travel is being compromised. We cannot thrive economically — or in any other way — in our current repressive environment.

The sooner we collectively figure that out, the better we’ll be.