American media won’t publish Amy Alkon’s story, but Pravda will

Author and civil liberties activist Amy Alkon poses an interesting question:

Why Did I Have To Go To Pravda To Get My Op-Ed About TSA Rape Published?

As you’ll see if you read her column, she has been pitching an op-ed criticizing the TSA to the mainstream press for months now.

No go.

Nobody wanted it. Not the New York Times, not the Los Angeles Times, not Reuters, not CNN, not the Huffington Post, not the Wall Street Journal, not AOL, not Yahoo, not the Washington Post, not MSNBC.

And Alkon has journalistic connections. If she can’t get her piece published, how is the ordinary American who’s been abused by the TSA supposed to be heard?

She finally found a more hospitable locale at Pravda. Yes, that Pravda.

Whatsamatter, mainstream press?  Is the truth too hot to handle?

(Photo: surfstyle/Flickr)