TSA wants your drink redux

Several people have sent me a link to what they think is a new TSA story. In fact, it’s an old story, but it bears repeating (as so many do).

The report in question concerns the fact that the TSA is harassing people over their drinks — at the gate, long past the checkpoint, long past the so-called sterile area. I wrote about this TSA policy back in July.

There’s really nothing to add, except to repeat that the policy is inane and exists, in my opinion, for one reason and one reason only: to enforce compliance. To compel obedience. To condition to the public to acquiesce to every new “security” procedure that comes down the pike, no matter how abusive, no matter how boneheaded.

As you can see from this video of smiling, compliant passengers dutifully lining up, that effort is succeeding.

(Photo: MemeBase.com)

  • Klaus

    TSA = Terrorist Support Agency

  • cjr001

    Unfortunately, sooner or later TSA will come up with an even greater absurdity to inflict upon us. And the sheeple will just bend over and accept it.

    Meanwhile, the terrorists have gotten exactly what they wanted.