You’re in Good Hands with Happy Hands Homeland Security

Political movements never succeed by one method or strategy alone. It takes many tactics, many plans, many approaches, many disparate–even at times conflicting–actions to get things done. And artists are always an important part of the effort.

This coming Saturday, September 29th, an arts festival called Figment is taking place in Washington, DC. Among the dozens of projects, installations, and artistic styles represented, one concerns the TSA.

Hilary Waldron and the Thousands Standing Around (T.S.A.) artist collective are presenting an interactive exhibit called “You’re in Good Hands with Happy Hands Homeland Security.” I’ll let Waldron tell you about it:

Attending FIGMENT is a privilege, not a right. By attending FIGMENT you consent to whatever Happy Hands decides you consent to. No worries, because you are in good hands with Happy Hands. To experience the touch, the feel, of Happy Hands, you must first put your shoes in the shoe bin, your liquids in the liquid bin, and your dignity in the dignity bin. There will then be feats of loyalty that we can’t tell you about ahead of time (so you don’t try to game the system) but that may or may not involve a hula hoop. Once you have passed the feats and deposited your dignity, you will be invited to walk through our Happy Hands Happy Security Machine. You may decide not to walk thru Happy Hands, however, we can’t say what will happen next as unpredictability is the cornerstone of Happy Hands Happy Homeland Security. Intel is gathered daily and the threat level reassessed, as you make phone calls, surf the web, etc. Your safety is our number one priority at Happy Hands.

If you’re in the DC area on Saturday, you might want to stroll on by. Give us a report if you do.

  • 1amWendy

    🙂 You Go, Hilary!!!