TSA thumbs its nose at the law, courts say OK

Over a year ago, the TSA was ordered to hold a public comment period on the use of the strip-search scanners. The agency ignored that order.

The response of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia was to give the TSA a stern talking-to — “naughty, naughty, now straighten up and fly right” — but otherwise do nothing.

Now we get word that the courts are once again siding with the TSA. On Tuesday, September 25th, that same Appeals Court gave the TSA yet another stern lecture, and yet more time to comply with the still-ignored court order.

This time, the TSA has until the end of next March — a full 20 months after the initial order — to comply.

Bad TSA! See what the Law of the Land does when you misbehave? Gives you more time to spend more taxpayer money on yet more scanners, so that you can claim next March that they all have so-called privacy software, which you’re busy installing now to fend off complaints that you’re virtually strip-searching people.

Of course, that privacy software, as we’ve explained umpteen times, doesn’t obviate the gropes that you continue to inflict on people. And doesn’t do anything to address the 54% false-positive rate that the scanners have.

But since the TSA has a venerable history of lying, to Congress and to us, what’s another few months or so for them to get their story straight and to come up with more tall tales? Pass the popcorn!

(Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Janet Lindenmuth)

  • Bob

    Unfortunately the DHS just cut three potential contracts for AIT-2 scanners. Two of the three are backscatter. We should focus on gearing up for the comment period and press the point to the general public that the backscatter has been banned in europe. .

  • Drontil

    Where did my comment go? I’ll try again.

    The machines being replaced are the backscatter x-rays – you know the ones that operate through the use of ionizing radiation. So not only are they virtually strip searching us, they are giving us cancer also.

  • Drontil

    Not only strip searching people, but giving them cancer at the same time. The machines that are being replaced are all backscatter – you know, the one with ionizing radiation.