TSA says: you’re entitled to a refund!

All rights reserved; photo credit flickr.com by crazycrayolaFlyers, start saving your receipts! A very organized and persistent young mother did just that, and received a $3.99 deposit into her checking account for TSA-confiscated peanut butter.

Yes, $3.99. For peanut butter. You see, this determined mother decided that having her personal belongings tossed into a trash bin was expensive and wrong, so she fought back. She patiently navigated the arduous and discouraging bureaucratic paper maze . . . and she won.

So flyers, be of good cheer! Save all of those receipts, grab a glass of wine (or whatever), and go for the paperwork. If everyone took the time to save receipts, wade through the 4-page “SF-95 Tort Claim Package” forms and send them in, we just might turn the bureaucracy to our collective favor.

  • cjr001

    Considering how many other claims have been denied and/or outright ignored up to this point, most people will still not bother to make the effort, and I can’t really blame them.

    • LeeAnneClark

      Yes but maybe if we bury them in paperwork for every cupcake or technician’s tool they swipe, they might start to rethink their strategy?

      On second thought, nahhh…too logical. They’ll just hire more flunkies to push the paper, costing yet MORE money to the taxpayers.

      • cjr001

        There’s also the problem that most people won’t keep receipts. Sure, I keep them around for electronics, but not for clothes.

        Or, in the case of a friend, how do you put a price tag on the home-brewed bottle of beer that TSA stole from his checked luggage?

        Instead of placing more flaming hoops in front of travelers, more action needs to be taken against TSA to prevent these situations in the first place.

  • IWonder39

    Hey, maybe we can tied them up in their own red tape! On second thought, they’d probably use the increase in claims to hire more staff 🙁