TSA mocks Breast Cancer Awareness Month by using pink gloves

Really, you can’t make this stuff up:

According to TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein, during the month of October the 650 TSA officers at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) will be be wearing pink gloves instead of the more familiar blue gloves as a sign of their support in the fight against Breast Cancer.

It’s always better to be sexually assaulted with pretty colors, don’t you think?

I don’t know what else I can say about it¬†that the TSA’s own behavior doesn’t already say for itself. I’ll leave it for you in the comments.

Meanwhile, yet more breast cancer survivors have come forward about their treatment at the hands of the TSA. Statements such as this, however, I simply don’t understand:

¬†“My reaction was just like hers. I was completely surprised,” she explained.

This has been going on as a matter of policy for two years. How can you be “completely surprised”??

And take a look at the comment thread at this related link for all the people who are afraid of booby bombs and butt bombs.

(Photo Credit: our tax dollars)

  • Michael Landers
  • Daisiemae

    Cat Woman and Lisa,

    You are both right. There definitely are a large number of people who do not care what happens as long as they get on their plane (especially if it happens to someone else). They are evident on all the blogs, and I have met some of these people. And a number of these “I don’t care” people just simply don’t believe it because it hasn’t happened to them and because it flies in the face of everything we have been taught to believe about our country and our government.

    But there is also a huge number of people who are simply unaware. These people do not fly, and they do not cruise the internet like we do. They are completely overwhelmed with trying to survive in this difficult culture and economy so they are not following internet news sources. I am constantly bumping into people like this. Most of the time they are shocked and horrified when they hear what is happening.

    Employees of a bridal shop were stunned when I told them TSA confiscated a purse like the one in their store. My podiatrist was flabbergasted when I told about TSA’s abuse of the disabled and elderly. My hairdresser horrified when I told her about TSA “pat downs.” In all three instances, these people believed me when I told them about TSA’s abuses. They were sickened and disgusted.

    My own husband told me he would not have been aware of TSA’s misdeeds if I had not told him. He said he has never seen anything about it on the internet. BTW, he works in IT.

    So the problem is not only those people who do not care, but how do we get the word out to people who are “busy dealing with cancer & life, etc. & not had the free time to follow the TSA news.”

  • 1amwendy

    Man, I really got, um, “inspired” by some of those comments within the “this related link” comments. So i joined the fray, as follows: “Okay, listen up, all of you full of “wouldda/couldda” types. How do you ever get into a car? (Ever consider you could be hit by a drunk driver? WAY more likely than a terrorist air attack.) How do you ever make a cup of coffee, iron a shirt or turn on your stove? (WAY more people die from household appliances than a terrorist air attack.) Allow me to rain on your little paranoia parades by presenting more facts: if terrorists were numerous enough/smart enough/intent enough, there would have been attacks in domestic unprotected venues (like hotels, clubs, subways, shopping centers, recruiting stations, police stations) that would provide ample opportunity for the media to feast for weeks, and for DC to eagerly spend more and more borrowed money. The security apparatus in the US has a primary goal of bolstering their employees and defense contractors that are clamoring for our collective cash, and very little else. That you buy into this expensive charade really does not speak well to your collective ability to apply dispassionate reason to the last eleven years. To allow a continuing knee-jerk reaction to a tragedy that happened over a decade ago, and one that preys on people with medical assistive devices repeatedly, is nothing short of stupid. Oh, sure… coulda/woulda/shouda….. so don’t leave your houses because a meteor just might come crashing down on you as you walk towards your car. Or a lightning bolt! It’s possible, but very improbable. Just like the improbabilty of a terrorist cornering a senior traveler in a wheelchair and making them into a traveling bomb. Get a freakin’ grip. We need to restore some intelligence into security, and what we’ve got now doesn’t even come close. And all of your pandering to the current regime does not move us to a better place.”

    • Wendy, brava! Wish you would leave something similar at the execrable KCTV thread, where the comments critical of the TSA are getting removed and where the TSA apologists are out in full force. But then your comment would probably also get censored:

      • 1amWendy

        Yup. Censored. Gone.

    • Daisiemae

      Your post makes me want to stand up and cheer! Would you please run for president? You have my vote!

  • Fisher1949

    This is some disgusting inside joke by TSA management almost certainly intended to add insult to injury for the millions of women they humiliate in public every year.

  • Drontil

    Think about it – if you knew you had nothing on your person to set off an alarm after going through the scanner, wouldn’t you also be completely surprised to be pulled aside by the TSA and groped in full public view even if you knew this has happened in the past?

    I know I would be.

    I’d bet this screener’s hands were all over Ms. Deitrick before she realized what was happening.

    After all, we have been hearing stories of screeners coming up to people after the scanner and running their hands, unannounced, through the victim’s hair. Something tells me this is part of a pattern. Perhaps the TSA doesn’t want to “waste” their resources by asking people if they want private screening. Whatever is prompting this behavior, there is a reason for it. It’s not random.

    • Drontil, no, I wouldn’t be surprised. Because the TSA has been abusing people in this manner as a matter of policy for two years. (Not saying they didn’t abuse people before, just that it wasn’t s.o.p. before.) Anyone who claims he or she is surprised has been living in denial. It’s this denial that allows the TSA to continue.

  • 1amWendy

    I agree: what more can one say?