Andrea Abbott found guilty

Andrea Abbott, the mother who tried to protect her daughter from being molested by the TSA, has been found guilty of “disorderly conduct.”

Even though, as you can see in this video, Abbott wasn’t being disorderly — on the contrary, multiple TSA agents and an airport cop bullied her — still, she was handcuffed, arrested, charged, and jailed.

And a jury of her peers sided with the TSA.

This should put to rest the delusion many TSA critics have that our fellow citizens will stand by us. Not surprisingly in my view, our fellow citizens are more inclined to side with the National Security State. They are as authoritarian as their overlords.

So much for protecting one’s children. So much for American “values.”

  • Hivewhacker

    I’m sure Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin are laughing with joy in their exclusive retreat next to the hottest furnace in Hell, the one right across the street from the Mao family.

  • frostysnowman

    Absolutely disgusting. I am so disappointed in the 12 of my fellow Americans on this jury. This woman did nothing wrong.

  • amyrubins

    Write to the DA’s office and let them know what you think:

    • kfred

      Done. Thanks for the link.

  • kfred

    It makes me sick that a mother is jailed for trying to protect her daughter from sexual assault.

  • Bob

    Any prosecutor will tell you that a jury will side with a uniformed police officers testimony 99 times out of 100. That is exactly what happened here.