TSA: they haven’t found a single terrorist; they have to crow about something

For all the billions spent by the TSA, for all the balls groped, the grannies humiliated, the terminally ill people disrespected, and the children made to cry while being molested by uniformed thugs, the number of terrorists the unskilled workers of the TSA have caught?


Consequently, all they can do to justify sucking our taxpayer dollars out of us and violating us at the airport is thump their chests about stuff like this:


#TSA Week in Review: 42 #Firearms Discovered This Week at TSA Checkpoints (38 Loaded) #travel http://1.usa.gov/RSevR1

My tweet in response:


@TSABlogTeam Firearms discovered? So what — unless one was a giant rocket-launcher. Cockpit doors are reinforced. TSA = security theater

From the Bruce Schneier link (on “security theater”) just above, from his debate with former TSA administrator Kip Hawley:

He wants us to trust that a 400-ml bottle of liquid is dangerous, but transferring it to four 100-ml bottles magically makes it safe. He wants us to trust that the butter knives given to first-class passengers are nevertheless too dangerous to be taken through a security checkpoint. He wants us to trust the no-fly list: 21,000 people so dangerous they’re not allowed to fly, yet so innocent they can’t be arrested. He wants us to trust that the deployment of expensive full-body scanners has nothing to do with the fact that the former secretary of homeland security, Michael Chertoff, lobbies for one of the companies that makes them. He wants us to trust that there’s a reason to confiscate a cupcake (Las Vegas), a 3-inch plastic toy gun (London Gatwick), a purse with an embroidered gun on it (Norfolk, VA), a T-shirt with a picture of a gun on it (London Heathrow), and a plastic lightsaber that’s really a flashlight with a long cone on top (Dallas/Fort Worth).

At this point, we don’t trust America’s TSA, Britain’s Department for Transport, or airport security in general. We don’t believe they’re acting in the best interests of passengers. We suspect their actions are the result of politicians and government appointees making decisions based on their concerns about the security of their own careers if they don’t act tough on terror, and capitulating to public demands that “something must be done”.

Never mind that the letters don’t match; TSA is clearly short for “Civil liberties-violating, vagina-groping losers on the taxpayer dole.”

(Photo: Vincent Poiriet)