Another theft: passenger says TSA stole jewelry at Boston Logan

UPDATED BELOW. A TSA agent stole a woman’s jewelry? Nah, impossible. Never happens! 

As CBS News reports:

Terri Ivester was on her way to a family christening in Chicago when she ran into a snag at the security checkpoint at Logan Airport.

Terri Ivester says, “The TSA agent holds my backpack up, and um, says there’s a water bottle in this backpack, I’m going to have to take that.”

That’s when Ivester says the agent left the area with her bag.

Next thing you know, Ivester is at her destination, getting dressed for the christening. She looks for her jewelry. It’s gone.

She realized she was missing four pieces including a single strand of pearls and a double strand bracelet totaling $3,700.

The TSA, of course, has its usual handy advice: “you should keep a close eye on your belongings.” Never mind that we have thousands of accounts of passengers who’ve been hauled aside and forbidden from keeping an eye on their belongings, whose belongings have been hidden from them, or outright taken away, as happened here with Terri Ivester. Or that 382 TSA agents have been fired for theft — and that’s only the ones we’ve found out about. Or that the TSA is rejecting more and more theft claims all the time. Yeah, never mind pesky little facts like that.

It’s your fault, Passenger, for not “keeping a close eye on your belongings.”

(Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Mauro Cateb)

UPDATE: From the headline to the report in the UK’s Daily Mail: “they deleted the surveillance footage when I complained” — well, that’s another common occurrence passengers can attest to.