TSA agent arrested for rape of a child

For those of you who follow this blog, it should come as no surprise that a TSA agent has been arrested for the rape of a boy he was mentoring as a volunteer Big Brother.

Though word of this story came out yesterday, the suspect’s name wasn’t revealed until today: Paul Magnuson.

We have said it before: the TSA attracts pedophiles. Several that we’ve documented. The TSA attracts criminals and those with personality disorders that exaggerate control and sociopathic tendencies. And the TSA hires these people.

It can’t get much sicker than this.

  • Jeremy


    • Jeremy, not sure what you’re talking about. None of your comments have been deleted.

      • Jeremy

        sad part is that i wrote a 2 paragraph post putting TSA on blast and where did it go ?

        • Have no idea. I have admin access, and I just looked at the list of comments, and there’s nothing by you that has been deleted.

  • Jeremy


  • Jeremy

    if TSA’s job is to protect people from such crimes then why would they allow it to continuessly happen with different kids from everywhere. The TSA…Homeland Security ….knew of what Paul was doing ….why would they have him bring in kids tellin them that their is a predator out there that is sex traffickin children …why would they of made a point to have paul pay this child for his work of savin anther unless TSA is hidin this underlyin cult that transports rapes murders children 17 and younger ….they give them drugs to manipulate their minds …I know ive been threw it ……….and how am i here and this system still going on just to make the money flow keep comin in so that these predators can pay these children or buy them off ……….if you ask me the whole TSA needs investigated but what for everyone working there knows everything they dont want to jeoperdize what they have so people please becareful when your lil boy or girl goes to the neighborhood park mcdonalds …….

  • Paul Magnuson sexually assaults children. The TSA pays him to do it sometimes, and then sometimes it’s just for (his) fun. Paul Magnuson agreed to sexually touch little boys for a paycheck. For reasons that are unclear to all of us here at TSA News, Paul Magnuson is only being charged for the sexual assaults that happened while he was off the clock.

    • TSAisTerrorism

      Statistically speaking there are thousands more Paul Magnusons within the ranks of TSA just salivating at the chance to paw at our bodies.

      Thanks, John Pistole, for unleashing your perverse and barbaric fantasies on the American people, you jerk!

  • Fisher1949

    If TSA holds their employees to such high ethical standards why have 15 TSA screeners been arrested for child sex crimes in less than two years? And they are just the ones who have been caught.

    TSA continues to employ know child molester Thomas Harkins at Philadelphia airport and countless others are at work viewing naked scans of children and fondling them at checkpoints. Is that ethical?

    TSA’s invasive procedures do not improve security but attract too many employees with motives focused on their personal pleasure and not airline security. There have been 103 TSA workers arrested in the last 24 months including 28 for theft, 12 for smuggling contraband through security and one for murder. TSA argues that this is acceptable when no other agency has anywhere near this number of criminal arrests. More of their ethical standards at work no doubt.

  • RonBonner

    Former priest hired by TSA to pat down passengers, three months after church kicked him out for ‘molesting young girls’

    “First he was fired for allegedly groping young girls, then hired to frisk them at an airport.

    A disgraced former priest, defrocked from his New Jersey diocese over allegations of molestation in 2002, was three months later given a job as a TSA officer, it has been revealed.

    Thomas Harkins was employed in a role where his duties would include doing pat downs on children, according to local news, after the agency failed to do a thorough background check and offered him a position at Philadelphia International Airport.?”
    Why should anyone be surprised by employees hired by TSA.
    Thugs, Thieves, and Perverts infesting our airports, that is TSA!

      • RonBonner

        Yes I remember, but I think it is important to keep in mind how TSA operates.
        TSA seems little concerned about its perverts given that TSA Grope Downs apparently require direct contact with peoples genitals.

        • RonBonner

          I made mention of this latest upstanding TSA employee in a comment I submitted to the TSA Blog. Sadly, TSA employees once again violated their Oaths to Support and Defend our Constitution by supressing my right to free speech and not posting the comment.
          If Blogger Bob won’t honor his oath why should we expect him to do anything else required by law?

    • Daisiemae

      An interesting point: TSA defended their keeping Harkins by saying that allegations do not equal a guilty verdict. They said that since Harkins had never been charged or convicted, they could not legally fire him.

      That didn’t seem to stop them from firing Magnuson. They fired Magnuson because of the allegations of rape. Obviously, he has not been convicted yet.

      I guess it’s just like everything else with TSA….they follow rules when they feel like it and justify it when they don’t feel like it.