L-3 gets two more TSA contracts – your tax money pays for it

In its continuing effort to spend your tax dollars, the TSA has awarded two more multi-million-dollar contracts to a company with which it already has a cozy relationship: L-3 Communications.

Though the backscatter (x-ray) scanners have never been independently tested for safety, and the TSA has started quietly replacing them with millimeter wave (MMW) scanners (which also haven’t been tested for safety), the agency has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the scanners and their installation. The “security” industry is a booming business.

So it comes as no surprise that this business continues to boom thanks to the TSA. The agency has awarded L-3 one new contract for explosives detection systems to the tune of $549.6 million, and another contract for “second-generation advanced imaging technology” to the tune of  $245 million.

But hey, you’re already subsidizing the airlines with billions of dollars. Why shouldn’t you enrich the coffers of other private industries as well? They’re certainly thrilled about it.

(Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Ben Popken)

  • Bob

    Well look on the bright side. What do you think would have happened if Romney had won? Chertoff and Bolton would have been in his cabinet. Just imagine what Chertoff would have fostered upon us as attorney general.

    • Doesn’t matter from my point of view. Obamney or Obomney, take your pick. The War on Terror(TM) will continue apace.

      • Bob

        Absolutely. My point is simply that it would have escalated faster.