Maggie Buckenmayer, another person sexually assaulted by the TSA

I don’t know what to say anymore. Take a look at this woman’s video. 

Americans are tolerating this abuse. I don’t know what to say anymore, other than to repeat what I’ve said so many times: TSA administrator John Pistole is a criminal. He has instituted criminal procedures that his underlings follow, that our politicians endorse, and that millions of Americans tolerate.

I give up. I’ve run out of words. So I’ll let the words of civil rights crusader Frederick Douglass do the talking:

“Find out just what the people will submit to and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

  • Siberia Gippius

    They also abuse women who are not white, Note that for the record, but in this One case, I suspect either racial revenge or possibly even elder abuse. Either way, three times, and What is it about these Male TSA standing around watching these Crimes? Forget security theater, this is Rape Camp theater. There are many similarities to these abuses with how the rapes in rape camps in former Yugoslavia were committed. It’s an Oxymoron that we have marches of furious women over abortion rights but sexual assault by TSA us met with complaining only. No wonder we have such a large RAPE CULTURE, and a lot of it I think, is the Sanitizing of these crimes. I hope this woman Sues, not just a video, but Sues for damages…

  • Siberia Gippius

    As far as I am concerned these CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN are just that, sexual Violence against women, not much different from Rape Camps. My anger is at the apologetic manner in which many women are either conditioned into or intimidated by the likes of the DA PIMP in the one case where the mother was arrested for calling the sexual assaulted perverts. Well guess what, THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE, SEXUAL CRIMINALS, too bad if they don’t like it. This jailing females for protesting sexual violence is absolutely an outrage, what they are doing is Normalizing RAPE. RAPE is more than just penetration, but in many of these cases these women ARE being penetrated and our courts do absolutely nothing. ACLU is a joke. Seriously, talk about a Theater…and I do believe the TSA garbage is very in line with the Military rapes and bottom line, it’s Government committing CRIMINAL ACTS against WOMEN. Period. No ands ifs ORS buts about it. Three times this woman molested, this was a RAPE. What Needs to be done is for Females to begin taking the names of these RAPISTS and then a Hall of Shame, if the Courts won’t do their job, then WE THE PEOPLE MUST. These RAPISTS should NOT be able to go anywhere without the PUBLIC knowing they are dealing with a sexual offender. There’s a difference between a TSA doing their job and three molesting a woman with some bogus excuse. This case was a planned out rape, My question would be, if the assaulted were non white? Yes I dared go there, retaliation maybe for past racism on Innocent people? Two wrongs don’t make a right…I think many of these cases are simply, racial revenge. Let’s confront them for What they are…these Sexual ABUSERS should NOT get a License to ABUSE with IMPUNITY. We need Aggressive measures, with a Zero Tolerance towards these Human Right Abuses.

    • Annapolis2

      The TSA is absolutely committing rape by the FBI’s definition, which includes penetration, however slight. The TSA raped me by penetrating me with a foreign object, a handheld metal detector. I pursued my complaints and got no response at all until my congressman intervened, and then I got a pathetic non-apology from my rapists. The TSA knows that its employees rape women, but the agency just doesn’t care.

  • Siberia Gippius

    As you Tip them a Penny, make you you call out their names too and blow them a kiss and say hey “name” use the tip to get some practice because you need it…even the Worst lover I had, was better than you…Seriously, it’s the Psychology of it all, we all Know the TSA losers are doing this to dehumanize us, they are after all, just body parts. we remove the embarrassment first, then put it, the humiliation Right back where it belongs, onto THEM. I wouldn’t even call it security theater, call it, cheap porn titillation for losers theater masked under security…turn their Psychological warfare back onto them and TAKE BACK YOU CONSENT.

  • Siberia Gippius

    And when two or three or more grope, TIP THEM A PENNY, and by NAME SCREAM OUT so the whole airport can hear, “no wonder you have to get your rocks off groping strangers, YOU suck at it, not even worth a penny, you couldn’t get a rise out of a horny deprived old man” and make Sure, they say you can’t say this, say Hey you didn’t like it, then Name, say it loud, STOP RAPING…yes rape is about power, we Know that, but they do not like Truth, and That’s what is the weapon, TRUTH, they abuse because they are SEXUALLY INADEQUATE. Fight fire with fire, stop being humiliated America, time to Glare a light on the maggots, little dick/pussy maggots. Because That’s ALL sexual predators and ABUSERS are…so LET’S YELL IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS.

  • Siberia Gippius

    THIS is what we need to do, begging, whining, complaining wont do it…they DO NOT CARE. they hire these disgru toed LOSERS who have chips on their shoulder who abuse their power as some form of revenge…TURN IT BACK ON THEM. use THEIR language, stop agreeing with Pat downs, say NO it’s Coerced sexual battery, they say you have to to fly, can’t say this, etc., say NO I am full aware of the Policies but I will NOT give you License by SANITIZING your shit for you…it’s abuse of power by pathetic losers and if YOU didn’t like the truth, then maybe YOU should recheck how YOU get YOUR power, etc. tell them, I won’t sanitize your abuse of power…tell them, you’re a Sexual Offender, all there is to it. Want to protest, fine, take it to a courtit Is what it is, but SAY IT TO THEIR FACE. Forget beng civil, they a Rapists by proxy, weak, pathetic, little rapists. TAKE YOUR POWEBACK. And NEVER back down.

  • Siberia Gippius

    The First time , you should have stripped immediately in Front of everyone, did a complete spread eagle and said, “here Bitch, I realize you aren’t getting laid by your other but if you That desperate for a titillation…and then Screamed out her name for all to hear. And then stayed FIRM on it, to supervisor and all. Look ladies, they’ll do this because they KNOW it’s rape, TAKE IT BACK. Once that bitch said intrusion, that’s when you disrobe and Show her, yea here’s your intrusion. It’s called a LABIA you dumbass. And if they continue to grope, Say it loud for all to hear, their name and Are you getting enough of a feel, feeling warm yet baby. Serious, you put the humiliation Back on them…if the supervisors complain, tell them, If you don’t like the vulgarity then maybe you should find more appropriate as to deal with YOUR sexual inadequacies, try therapy or Viagra, rather than masking your I adequacies behind the job. FIGHT BACK. And ALWAYS assert their full NAMES. And if they contest, then they Shouldn’t INVITE IT, and make sure to Say so.

  • Cosman

    A lady who does work like this: should get justice.. -anyone- who gets treated like she was should get justice.

  • Please sign my petition to Darrell Issa, my rep from California and friends of those abused by the TSA, I have filed formal requests with the TSA for the surveillance tapes of the incidents at Birmingham Shuttleswoth Airport under the FOIA, received a case number, but am being stonewalled. These tapes disappear are erased by the TSA in 30 days. I’m doing all I can to get the tapes. Send this link to those who would support me in this first step of many steps. thank you

  • Andy

    Maggie- Thank you for making this video. I hope you do file a formal TSA complaint as well. I will be signing your petition and posting it to all my social media sites.

  • KFred

    I’m happy to plaster their names all over the web:
    TSA workers, Ms. McKnight and Ms. McShreky need to go to jail.

  • Carmen

    Thanks for sharing. I’m an American living abroad, and I haven’t flown home to the US to visit family since this started. I’ve been sick of this for a long time now. I’d like to be able to go back for a visit, without having to submit to being harassed 🙁

  • What are we to make of the lack of mention, by either major political party, of TSA’s abuses and crimes? They say that we get the government we deserve, and perhaps a lot of TSA apologists will eventually find the numbers catching up with them when they, too, are abused, humiliated, sexually assaulted, or stolen from–or some combination thereof–but even today, without going any further, a cursory reading of all the very real complaints in that recently-released (via an FOIA request) list show there are plenty (plenty!) of examples. Enough, surely, to warrant serious, top-down change. These are personal, heartfelt letters to Pistole. Detailed examples of the abuse of law-abiding citizens.

    What are we to make of this convenient, willful ignoring? Other than the unpleasant reality that they are all behind it, all in full support of it. I just don’t buy the whole “it’s politically toxic to denigrate anything to do with 9/11”. Nine-eleven was eleven years ago. Imagine if the U.S. or Britain had still been clinging to provisional WWII policies and behavior…in 1956? Would people have been okay with rationing of food, for example, even though the shortages were no longer? Would they have been fine with use of the nation’s metals being heavily restricted–if not used exclusively–for military purposes? Which would have had incalculable effect on the boom in the US auto and aviation industries in the 1950’s, to name just two metal-using interests?

    The threat of an in-air hijacking is greatly reduced by two things, neither of which is the TSA having stopped a terrorist. Those two things being reinforced and locked cockpit doors, and a flying public who will subdue a violent passenger as opposed to meekly going along with his demands. Furthermore, the ineffectiveness of this criminal agency has been demonstrated again and again: even the attacks of 9/11 would not have been prevented by TSA, as countless people have admitted that their various, inadvertently-packed knives, box cutters, etc. made it through screening while TSA was busily confiscating their shampoo and feeling up their children. And of course, Jon Corbett demonstrated how simple it is to go through the scanner machines with a metal object simply by wearing it on one’s side, not one’s front or back.

    Yet the illusion of security theater makes people feel better, so it’s OK to subject others to groping, humiliation, and theft?

    It’s OK with a majority of travelers?

    I follow @TSArants on Twitter. On a daily basis, dozens of flyers complain about the intrusiveness of the groping, the electronics that went missing, the long, long lines, the rudeness of the agents themselves, and the delays that cause them to miss flights. Some are realizing for the first time that the agency is both useless and abusive. Few seem to realize they are not alone, and that if enough of them did something a bit stronger than Tweeting their disgust and then forgetting about it, we might actually develop the critical mass that draws the attention of those two major political parties controlling Washington.

  • Deb

    The criminal abuse of all this aside – . . . .
    . . . why is it we pay unskilled laborers of dubious backgrounds to perform what amount to MEDICAL EVALUATIONS?
    Who the hell ARE these poorly educated, otherwise unemployable asshats to discuss anyone’s anatomy, let alone an “abnormality?” These folks aren’t even EMTs for chrissake.
    This is all so surreal it’s difficult to process.

  • Her full name is Maggie Buckenmayer. She posted this at YouTube on November 4, 2012; here’s the link:

    I don’t have the link to her petition. Maybe someone else can provide.

  • anc1entmar1ner

    I just signed Maggie’s petition. Please do the same. Also, please contact your elected representatives and demand that all funding be cut off from the TSA until they start showing respect for the Constitution and the traveling public.

  • This is America? The America you want to live in? Watch what happened to Maggie and speak out about it.

    As she says, “This needs to be stopped. Why the TSA is allowed to emotionally and sexually abuse passengers…I don’t get it. If some stranger did to me what one of these TSA agents did, that stranger would be convicted of sexual assault and sent to prison.”

  • EndPistole’sReign

    When we say we “want our country back” this is part of what we mean, friends. No gang intimidation/humiliation/sexual assault at US airports (Thank you!).

    What courage to make this video.

    She has a petition:

    What more do we need to demand the replacement of John Pistole and Janet Napolitano? ?