John Pistole’s propaganda push Tuesday Nov 13th

You might want to pay TSA administrator John Pistole a visit on Tuesday morning, November 13th, 9:30, at National Airport in Washington, D.C.

The event is diplomatically called a news conference, where Pistole will “explain what travelers should expect for the upcoming busy holiday season to travel safely through the nation’s airports” and “will also highlight what security screening procedures have changed for passengers in the last year.”

Translation: it’s the annual show-and-tell where he pretends to tell you how you can avoid being bullied, harassed, robbed, assaulted, or otherwise abused by his minions.

He might have a hard time explaining those procedures to Maggie Buckenmayer and people like her. Then again, that would only be if members of the credulous press would ask him more hard-hitting questions than, “can we bring snow globes this year?”

But wait, there’s more: TSA “officers” will be there as well, “to demonstrate how best to pack a carry-on bag.” Think they might address the little problem of theft?

They’ll also “point out some items that should not be brought to a checkpoint.” You know, like jewelryiPadslingeriecupcakescash, or plastic toy hammers. Or purses. Or other purses.

Our brave men and women in blue will also “showcase some weapons that have been caught at DCA checkpoints.” This is my favorite part of TSA show-and-tell. In case you’ve missed it, it’s a regular feature of the TSA Blog, wherein “Blogger Bob” and friends brag about all the nifty items they’ve confiscated from forgetful passengers. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

If you can stomach this display, go to the Upper Ticketing Level of Reagan National, Door 6 (that alone makes it sound exciting — like guessing What’s Behind That Door). Again, that’s Tuesday, November 13th, at 9:30 am. Oh, and be sure to tell TSA PR person Lisa Farbstein that you’re coming: [email protected] . After all, it’s only polite to RSVP.

Happy trails!

  • Deb

    Can’t someone – any of the regulars from this blog or others – somehow affiliate with an organization that would grant them media credentials — so they can attend such press fluffery – thus guaranteeing that at least a FEW cogent questions will be asked in public, out loud, in the presence of folk I used to call actual journalists? Would do it myself – would be my pleasure to enlighten my former colleagues, shining the brightest light possible on their stupidity and complicity – but I cannot at this time. Can’t someone in this group get to these sorts of events and play reporter?

    • Deb, I live in the area; couldn’t go this morning but conceivably could some other time. Though I seriously doubt they’d give me press credentials.

      • Deb

        It can be done. Let’s discuss . . .

  • Occupy TSA? I can be there.