Two petitions about the TSA

There are two petitions I’m asking you to sign. First off, I know petitions don’t, by themselves, effect change. I get it. But they still serve a useful purpose. They provide moral support to the person or organization sponsoring the petition. And they let other people know that they’re not alone. They are a way of communicating, a way of telling each other, “we’re all in this together.”

Our friends at Roots Action, who already posted an anti-TSA petition in October, have just posted a new one. They have a subscriber list of 180,000, and when however many of those subscribers checked out TSA News then, it crashed our server. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again this time.

Here’s the petition. Sign on, and it will automatically be sent to the White House and to your particular Senators and Congressional reps. Roots Action’s privacy policy is publicly available, as you can see.

Second, Maggie Yates Buckenmayer, who was assaulted by the TSA and about whom we wrote here, also has a petition. She’s asking you to sign it here. All she wants is the surveillance video from her screening, which, of course, the TSA is refusing to turn over. If everything was done by the book, if the TSA is in the right, as they always claim they are, then what’s the problem? Why won’t they release the video?

Please show these people and each other that you oppose the bullying, harassing, robbing, and other forms of assault perpetrated by the TSA. Stop TSA abuse. Make some noise.

  • anc1entmar1ner

    Signed both petitions. TSA knows very well who I am anyway and exactly what I think of them. They also know that I constantly petition my elected representatives to withhold the agency’s funding, because I make that clear in every communication I have with them.

  • RonBonner

    Both of these petitions require a persons email address not to mention their home address. Why? What information is being collected and for what purposes?
    AS far as I am concerned these petitions seem to have other motives than helping Maggie or questioning TSA screening methods.

    • thajack

      The first one doesn’t require a home address, just a zip+4.

    • Ron, I have known the people at Roots Action for years. The reason their petitions, all of them, to Congress and the White House ask for your zip code is obvious: so that your signature goes to your particular Senator and Congressional rep. If you live in Hawaii it does no good for your signature to go to my reps in Maryland. Etc.

      As for Maggie Buckenmayer, I’ve never met her. I’ve only corresponded with her by email. I trust her. I signed her petition. Your mileage may vary.

      Regardless, if you think your email isn’t discoverable, by all kinds of people in all kinds of ways, well, I think you’re being naive. And you shouldn’t be posting anything on the internet ever.

      • RonBonner

        Both require a persons email.
        The question remains, are these groups data mining are not? I also didn’t see anything to limit disclosure of personal information to third parties.

        • Then you should never sign any petition, ever. And you shouldn’t have signed that petition against the TSA that was promoted out the wazoo at Travel Underground a few months ago.

        • LeeAnneClark

          Not to point out the obvious, but……I have a second email address that I use for things like signing petitions and registering for message boards. Have you considered that? It tends to fill up with spam so I’m sure some of the things I’ve used it for sold my email address, which was a waste of money for whomever bought it because I never actually go in there. 😉

          • LeeAnneClark

            Lisa that’s true…but I’m personally not too concerned with people gaining access to my emails. (Not that it’s something I don’t care about, I just don’t happen to be having a torrid affair with any high-level government officials at the moment, unfortunately, so there’s not much of interest in there!) 😉 I have no doubt that either the government or hackers could read any emails that I send, if they really wanted to, and if they wanted to be bored to tears.

            My concern is more about reducing spam, yet still being able to do things like sign online petitions and participate in message forums. And I do that easily by simply using my “throw-away” email account. I know that many of the things I do end up getting my email address sold – and I know that because the ONLY thing I use this throw-away mailbox for is things like petitions and message forums, and it is completely choked with spam. But I’m sure glad THAT mailbox is getting all the spam, not my regular mailbox! 🙂

        • Our privacy policy at RootsAction is posted publicly. We don’t give a damn where anybody lives, will not spy on anybody, and will not sell anybody’s information to anyone else. We also won’t give it to the government. Some members of House of Representatives you can’t email without putting in your address. If they ask you for money it will be the least horrible thing they do to you, and you ae free to send them back an explanation of why you’re not funding them.