Two petitions about the TSA

There are two petitions I’m asking you to sign. First off, I know petitions don’t, by themselves, effect change. I get it. But they still serve a useful purpose. They provide moral support to the person or organization sponsoring the petition. And they let other people know that they’re not alone. They are a way of communicating, a way of telling each other, “we’re all in this together.”

Our friends at Roots Action, who already posted an anti-TSA petition in October, have just posted a new one. They have a subscriber list of 180,000, and when however many of those subscribers checked out TSA News then, it crashed our server. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again this time.

Here’s the petition. Sign on, and it will automatically be sent to the White House and to your particular Senators and Congressional reps. Roots Action’s privacy policy is publicly available, as you can see.

Second, Maggie Yates Buckenmayer, who was assaulted by the TSA and about whom we wrote here, also has a petition. She’s asking you to sign it here. All she wants is the surveillance video from her screening, which, of course, the TSA is refusing to turn over. If everything was done by the book, if the TSA is in the right, as they always claim they are, then what’s the problem? Why won’t they release the video?

Please show these people and each other that you oppose the bullying, harassing, robbing, and other forms of assault perpetrated by the TSA. Stop TSA abuse. Make some noise.