Is the TSA killing us?

A column by Charles Kenny has been reposted all over the web. It quotes a study by researchers at Cornell University that Sommer Gentry, Bill Fisher, and Wendy Thomson of TSA News have written about here more than once

In a nutshell, because more people are choosing to drive rather than fly to escape the TSA’s abusive practices, and because driving is more dangerous than flying (despite all the hype about A Terrorist Around Every Corner), more people are dying in traffic accidents. Therefore, it can be said that the TSA is “causing” more deaths.

The column presents, as we’ve done here umpteen times, facts, figures, statistical analysis, risk assessment, empirical evidence. If you appreciate these things, you’ll probably like the column. If you prefer fear over logic, you probably won’t.

It’s called “Airport Security Is Killing Us.”

And on this day before Thanksgiving, when millions of people are unlucky enough to be flying, we remind you that you have many ways to resist. You aren’t powerless. You can try any of these methods, or you can simply opt-out.


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  • TSAisTerrorism

    I heard on NPR just this morning that air traffic this year is essentially flat. They also interviewed officials at ATL who expect traffic there, at the world’s busiest airport, to be down 5% YOY.

    I can’t imagine the reason, though…

  • “We’re in a war, people! A war to maintain our right to be terrified of everyone and everything. A war to ensure that the person in the next seat isn’t carrying a full tube of toothpaste or, God forbid, a snowglobe. You’re going to have to expect some collateral damage: a few highway deaths, a little more cancer, the occasional feel-up. Suck it up, America.” – John Pistole, as told to Bob Burns, as recorded in the top secret files of Rapiscan

  • 1amWendy

    Opt out. Take video. Even if you are not flying, I urge you to hie thyself to the nearest legal-to-film airport and document the TSA. This is the week.