TSA: LAX airport workers’ sex parts go ungroped

At Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), when we were leaving for Paris, my boyfriend Gregg saw the TSA letting airport workers through the metal detector ungroped and unscanned. 

Gregg was selected for the scanning/government-inflicted ball-grope. “I was next to the toaster oven and the metal detector,” Gregg told me, “and four people were let through the metal detector.” Gregg said to the TSA guy, “Why do they get to go through there?” (Meaning, they didn’t have to go through the scanner or get groped; they just went through the metal detector.)

The TSA guy said to Gregg, “Because they work here.”

Right. And airport workers could never be bribed to smuggle something into the airport. Nah, never happens.

Of course, as somebody pointed out in my blog comments, terrorists are not attacking malls or buses, and that isn’t because everybody going into the mall bends over so a mall cop can see they don’t have a bomb up their butt.

It’s still possible somebody will blow up a plane at some point — or blow up the sheeple standing in line waiting to give up their 4th Amendment rights.

What’s more likely is that if we give up our rights for “security,” then before long, just as Benjamin Franklin predicted, we’ll have neither rights nor security.

(Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Will Imholt)