The heroic Deputy Sheriff Stan Lenic

There are those who might believe that anyone opposed to the TSA has a problem with authority. And/or they hate all law enforcement. Well, sorry to tell you, but that is simply untrue. I am here today to laud the actions of one Deputy Sheriff Stan Lenic of Albany, New York. 

There were two people at the Albany airport last week filming for Opt Out and Film Week: Ashley Jessica and Jason Bermas. They were also passing out flyers. They were approached by the Direstor of Airport Affairs, Douglas Myers, and ordered to turn off the camera. Then came Deputy Sheriff Lenic, who clearly, patiently, and determinedly asserted the First Amendment rights of Ashley and Jason. I could recite the subsequent events, but I’ll let you watch for yourself:

Lenic has become something of an icon — he’s gotten 1,665 Facebook likes on a page he didn’t initiate. There have been many calls to his department, and he’s already been commended.

On one hand, it’s a rather dismal commentary that having a Sheriff support First Amendment rights gets such coverage. On the other, it’s promising that there are some law enforcement officers willing to do so.

Three cheers, Sheriff Lenic!

  • mwl

    My nephew is a sheriff at the Albany airport. I, a former sheriff. All it takes is one person. That guy is Stan Lenic. If pressed I would have arrested the director for violations of civil rights. Then charged him with obstruction of justice. Jailed, then to court, thats whats needed. Sentencing, imprisoned and then turn him over to the “boys”.
    Mike in Afghanistan

    • Daisiemae


      I like your style! I too thought Doug Myers was breaking the law. He ordered the two people to “come downstairs” and then later attempted to take the two people away to some other location. Fortunately, Deputy Lenic would not allow this out of control dictator to detain two innocent people.

      I mean, who does Doug Myers think he is? He is not a law enforcement officer. He’s not even TSA who erroneously believe they are law enforcement officers. He doesn’t even have a fake badge like TSA. He’s nothing more than an airport employee. So now airport employees have authority to arrest and detain people? Only in the fantasy world of Doug Myers.

      Doug Myers was so threatening and frightening. There’s no telling what he might have done if he could have gotten those two people out of public view and off camera. One thing for sure, I would not have gone anywhere with him.

      Thank God for a police officer who actually upholds the law instead of being the puppets for TSA or in this case an airport employee with a God complex. God bless Deputy Lenic and please send us more like him!

  • Daisiemae

    Does anyone know what police force he works for? I want to call his office and express my appreciation.

  • He’s up to 1,845 likes, and the Deputy himself is posting some great “know your rights” youtube clips. If we could only have more LE officers like him–a few in every force–I would have a lot more hope for the state of our liberty. It’s encouraging, though, to see that a number of ordinary Americans *are* concerned about civil liberties and Constitutional rights in general. Very encouraging. MORE PLEASE!

  • Frank Ney

    I wouldn’t lick their badges too hard. They’re still under instruction to arrest Vermont residents who bring their boxed and locked firearms to Albany International, in violation of the Firearms Owners Protection Act.

  • RB

    I wonder what Doug Myers thinks about this?

  • frostysnowman

    Great post – thanks for sharing the video! Good for Lenic for supporting the rights of the filmaker; you could tell the guy from the airport was frustrated and wanted to punch someone (probably Jason Bermas), and I loved every minute of it.

  • Wow. Lenic is great. Just great! If I were on Facebook, I’d give him as many “likes” as allowed. Hope y’all will do the same.

    I am, however, surprised at how this turned out, for a couple of reasons. First, simply because a law enforcement officer sided with citizens instead of with another security figure. Second, because I think the videographers may actually have been skating on thin ice.

    The rules about photography at airports have nothing to do with the TSA. Every airport has its own rules about photography. And no, I don’t know them all, and neither does anybody else. You have to check individual airports and their individual rules. So what goes at BWI might not go in Kansas or Bangor or Portland or San Francisco or Chicago or Dallas, etc.

    If indeed Albany International has rules that prohibit photography there except under certain circumstances, blah blah blah, then they may in fact have been breaking some law. Though clearly Lenic didn’t think they were.

    Regardless, I’m glad it all turned out the way it did. And again, three cheers for Lenic!

    • I went over, liked his page, and left a nice comment. Lots and lots of people have done likewise (so to speak)!