More TSA theft: old news

Once again, a TSA screener has been caught stealing from passengers’ luggage.

As we’ve written now more times than I can count, this isn’t the first time. And it won’t be the last.

The stolen items of choice this time were, once again, iPads. A 32-year-old screener named Sean Henry was the sticky-fingered TSA agent Keeping You Safe, as he apparently pocketed your expensive electronics.

But, again, since so many Americans are unperturbed by the bullying, harassment, and assault that TSA agents perpetrate every day, perhaps they’ll be more upset when their precious electronic gadgets go missing.

Gotta have your priorities.

(Photo: Yukata Tsutano/Flickr Creative Commons)

  • It’s not really about the gadgets being stolen, though that does demonstrate the rampant criminality that is part of the culture at TSA. These thefts make it crystal clear that people who are willing to commit crimes for low-dollar-value rewards have access to sensitive areas at airports. Today, stealing ipads; tomorrow, sneaking explosives onto a plane in exchange for a $200 bribe. Anyone who thinks this state of affairs is ensuring “security” is fooling themselves.

    • Saul B

      >> is fooling themselves

      That’d probably describe a fair portion of the American public and nearly all of Congress.

      • Exactly. Much of the American public wants to fool themselves. What do we hear over and over? “It makes me feel safe!”

  • RB

    Expecting TSA’s Employee Union, AFGE, to make a statement supporting TSA Screeners right to steal from travelers.