TSA detains yet another child

As we’ve reported many times, the TSA’s so-called explosive detection devices routinely alarm on ordinary, everyday things. Have you been working in your garden? Oops. You might have specks of fertilizer on you. Do you use hand or body lotions? Oops. There’s glycerin in them thar things. All those can get you hauled aside as a potential terrorist. Because fertilizer and glycerin show up as “bomb-making residue.”

It happens all the time. TSA agents know it happens all the time. They even joke about it. And it just happened to a 12-year-old, wheelchair-bound child named Shelbi Walser. She was traveling with her mother for medical treatment when she was flagged by the TSA at Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport and detained for almost an hour. Shelbi’s mother’s name is Tammy Daniels.

Daniels said a bomb specialist showed up and TSA agents prevented her from getting close to her crying daughter.

Preventing you from comforting your child is standard TSA practice, as Isabella Brademeyer’s mother and plenty of others can tell you.

The TSA seems to have a thing for harassing and/or abusing children in wheelchairs. Or anyone in wheelchairs. Even people with serious diseases, like Shelbi Walser and Michelle Dunaj.

Amazingly, the TSA didn’t bully Tammy Daniels as she recorded the incident on her cell phone. Video here.

(Photo: Fox 4 via KMSP-TV Minneapolis)

  • Lloyd Christmas

    TSA follows protocol to keep us safe. Anyone interfering with that is a grade A asshole! The mother who made this rediculous video is a clown. I’ve been randomly selected by TSA 3 of my last 6 times flying. I have never once complained. They are doing their job. If you don’t like it, take a fucking bus. You ignorant cunt.

    • Lloyd Christmas, thank you. Charming!

    • Annapolis2

      A) Your use of filthy and sexist language lets everyone know just what kind of uneducated and crass person you are.

      B) The TSA often fails to follow protocol, and always fails to keep us safe. I don’t call being sexually assaulted by a stranger in a blue shirt “safe”. In fact, keeping strangers’ hands out of my pants is a pretty intensely important part of “safety” to me.

      C) I don’t want TSA screeners “doing their job” if their job is to take cash to lay their hands on the sex organs of unwilling victims and to humiliate and abuse children.

      • Daisiemae

        Is it possible for the moderators to delete these posts that are using such filthy language? Not to mention the personal attacks? Doesn’t that violate the rules of,the blog?

        I’m pretty sick of these lowlifes that seem to have suddenly hijacked this blog.

        I wonder if it is all one person sicced onto your website by the TSA? A professional blogger engaged to damage the website?

        I’m sure TSA is VERY aware of your site and probably furious about it…especially in light of the fact that they are being forced to remove their beloved strip search machines. Could it be that this sudden vicious attack is being carried out by agents of TSA?

        • Daisiemae, we can block email and IP addresses. I have done that only a handful of times (as I did with “Lloyd Christmas”) for a couple of reasons:

          1. I believe in free speech. If we have a public blog, then we have to expect that we’re going to have comments from people who despise us as well as people who agree with us.

          2. I think it’s important to know what’s out there. I think it’s important to know the kind of thinking — or non-thinking — that goes on, the beliefs that our fellow citizens have. This knowledge is important for us in our battle. It also exposes these people for who they really are. (Of course it would be better if they weren’t so cowardly as to hide behind a phony internet moniker, but that’s another story.)

          And by the way, “Lloyd Christmas” and his brethren are from a site — series of sites, actually — that goes by the name “barstool.” I think that kind of says it all.

          Edited to add: Oh, and if you think it’s bad here, you should go over to the original YouTube link to see what these same knuckle-draggers are saying. Calling the mother all sorts of vile names. You can see what they really think of women — again, important information in my book.

          • Daisiemae

            Yeah, I don’t have any problem with people disagreeing. I have a problem with filthy language and vicious personal attacks.

            But glad that you blocked them. They were not honestly trying to present a point of view or trying to add anything to a base of knowledge. They were only trying to attack and infuriate. Very juvenile.

  • pelha

    TSA’s detaining a child in a wheelchair is insane. It’s even more insane and abusive to separate the child from her mother. As once a mother of a child with a birth defect and serious illnesses, I can imagine what the child and the parent experienced.

  • NotaSheep

    Im waiting for some kid to bite a screener….

    • Daisiemae

      The child will be arrested, strip searched, and charged with sexual assault. At the trial, the child will be found guilty and then scolded by the judge.

      • TSAisTerrorism

        TskTsk, such language for our “brave” “men” and “women” of the TSA just working to Keep You Safe!

        It isn’t molestation. They were only clearing the Resistance.

  • Chris Bray

    Lisa Simeone is being really naive, here. Just think would a wheelchair-bound pre-teen could do to an aircraft with traces of body lotion on her hands. Do you want the terrorists to win!?!?!?!?

    Also, I’m scared of bagels, oxygen, and trees.

    • Chris, speaking of bagels . . . a blast from the past:

      Bagel Crime, EPIC, and Ralph Nader


      • Chris Bray

        Jesus, I give up. No joke about the TSA can transcend the dark comedy of its reality.

        Next time I fly, I’m gonna stuff a bagel with fertilizer and body lotion.

        • Chris Bray

          Then I’m gonna submerge that bagel in six full ounces of water. THE TERROR.

          • Daisiemae

            See something say something. Big Sis will be calling on you soon. I always report threats of hydrated bagels to the authoritays.

  • TSAisTerrorism

    I know I’m an optimist, but I’m really hoping that this incident and TSA’s reaction at the airport will finally expose this farce of a test for what it is: a false positive generating lottery.

  • Let’s think critically for a moment here. The TSA has a test that has supposedly detected bomb residue on a little girl’s hands. Yet, when that test comes out positive, their response is to humiliate and traumatize the girl by making her sit in a pen like some sort of animal, separated from her parents, for nearly an hour – and then to let her get on the plane. No follow-up test. No resolution of the alarm, no idea why she tested positive, no further checks of her belongings or wheelchair. They abused this little girl for no security value at all. The lunatics are truly running the asylum at TSA. Here’s a hint: if you have a security test that alarms on some passengers, you also have to have some way of resolving the alarms. But TSA doesn’t, because they know that 100% of the alarms are false alarms, because there are no terrorists trying to board airplanes.

    Defund and disband the TSA immediately. Spend the money saved on real security – intelligence and police work to uncover plots, not this dog and pony show at checkpoints.

    • Bob

      I think what happened was the the TSA punted when the mother pulled out the camera and started filming. Thats when they called the bomb specialist. Going to guess that the “bomb guy” has the authority to waive the screening. TSA screeners have zero authority to waive alarms. They knew that dying girl in wheelchair + mom with camera = non winning scenario. So punt the ball…

  • David

    This just really pisses me off. If they have to do these ridiculous swabbings then why can’t her parents be with her?

    • David: Because it’s about power and control. Power and control.

  • Bob

    Filming is obviously the right thing to do. These guys scatter like cockroaches in the light. People are starting to wake up a little bit more.

    More BS from the TSA. What happened to “We will never separate parents from children”. I honestly would have just taken my child and walked away.

    • Bob, I know. It’s astonishing to me how many parents simply acquiesce. Truly astonishing.