TSA detains yet another child

As we’ve reported many times, the TSA’s so-called explosive detection devices routinely alarm on ordinary, everyday things. Have you been working in your garden? Oops. You might have specks of fertilizer on you. Do you use hand or body lotions? Oops. There’s glycerin in them thar things. All those can get you hauled aside as a potential terrorist. Because fertilizer and glycerin show up as “bomb-making residue.”

It happens all the time. TSA agents know it happens all the time. They even joke about it. And it just happened to a 12-year-old, wheelchair-bound child named Shelbi Walser. She was traveling with her mother for medical treatment when she was flagged by the TSA at Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport and detained for almost an hour. Shelbi’s mother’s name is Tammy Daniels.

Daniels said a bomb specialist showed up and TSA agents prevented her from getting close to her crying daughter.

Preventing you from comforting your child is standard TSA practice, as Isabella Brademeyer’s mother and plenty of others can tell you.

The TSA seems to have a thing for harassing and/or abusing children in wheelchairs. Or anyone in wheelchairs. Even people with serious diseases, like Shelbi Walser and Michelle Dunaj.

Amazingly, the TSA didn’t bully Tammy Daniels as she recorded the incident on her cell phone. Video here.

(Photo: Fox 4 via KMSP-TV Minneapolis)