TSA Santa and the Night Before Christmas

A Merry Christmas to our readers, writers, and lovers of civil liberties everywhere! Thanks to you, TSA News is growing and gaining new readers daily. Thanks to you, more people are learning about the behavior of this criminal agency and how they can fight it. Thanks to you, we’re in a long line of crusaders in this country for social justice. So here’s hoping you have a happy day during this festive season, a season of light.

And here’s hoping that John Pistole, the Grinch, sees the light. And if he doesn’t, that his family makes life miserable for him around the dinner table, since surely some of them or their friends have also been victimized by him and his policies.

In honor of those policies, we bring you TSA Santa and the Night Before Christmas, by Mike Adams. Adams is an editor at Natural News, and a fellow fighter for civil liberties:

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse

When along came a thud
And a sick-sounding “ooof!”
Like some huge man-shaped blob
Just got dropped on the roof

He scrambled and cursed
As he fumbled his way
To the chimney, I know
‘Cuz I heard a voice say

“This better be good
One more house and I’m done!”
Then he scaled down the chimney
with a pepper spray gun

I fled as the monster
Squeezed out of the chute
It was TSA Santa
Come to steal all our loot

With a sack in one hand
(Like he does with young boys)
He stole all our iPads
and cameras and toys

He stripped us of everything
and slithered away
to prep all the items
for sale on eBay

TSA Santa
Loves holiday cheer
He can steal much more stuff
At this time of the year

He crushes your testicles
And little boys’ dreams
Making good on Big Government’s
Tyranny schemes

If TSA Santa
tries to steal all your loot
Aim your twelve gauge with care
and don’t blink when you shoot

For the world would be better
without tyranny and fear
We could all enjoy Christmas
and a Happy New Year.


(Graphic: Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com)